• Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.95/mo.

About the app

Easy Upsell is a platform for creating targeted product upsell pop-ups to encourage a customer to purchase additional items when they go to checkout. Customers are impulsive and many will purchase an additional product when prompted with an offer. Start a 30-day free trial and add upsell offers to your popular products to see for yourself how much additional revenue you can generate from the customers you've already worked hard to acquire. We guarantee you'll see a minimum 500% return-on-investment the first month after your free trial, or your money back.

(Note: We use the term upselling interchangeably with the term cross-selling. Some call what we call an upsell a cross-sell.)

Why Easy Upsell? We started experimenting with upsells in our own BigCommerce store a few years ago. The old app we were using didn't have the analytics and A/B testing that we needed (and it was slow), so we built Easy Upsell to optimize the process of upselling. In our first year using the app in our store, we generated $212k in upsell revenue (and we weren't even the top user). We listen to user feedback and feature requests, and we continue to invest in making Easy Upsell more and more powerful because we love to hear about the huge amounts of upsell revenue users are generating, all for the nominal fixed monthly rate of the app.

App Features

Types of Upsells

Easy Upsell includes three types of upsells that can be used together to maximize value. Only one type of upsell will trigger in a session to preserve the customer's experience, and the logic of the three upsells allows you to efficiently display an upsell on every checkout, if you wish.

  • Trigger Upsell: This upsell allows you to select trigger product(s) and upsell product(s) for the trigger. When a customer has the trigger product in their cart and goes to checkout, this upsell pop-up will be displayed.
  • Cart Range Upsell: This upsell allows you to select a cart range value and upsell product(s) for that value. If a trigger upsell product is not in the cart when the customer goes to checkout, the relevant cart range upsell will be displayed.
  • Catch-All Upsell: This upsell allows you to select product(s) that will be displayed as upsells if no trigger or cart range upsell is relevant to the cart. This allows you to efficiently display an upsell on every checkout, if you wish.
Analytics & Insights

We understand the importance of analytics for knowing what's working and what's not. Easy Upsell tracks all relevant statistics for every upsell, as well as for all upsells combined. Insights are graphed in the dashboard and a sortable grid of analytics for every upsell is displayed below (inspired by the design of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Manager).

  • Impressions: See how many times each upsell was displayed to a customer.
  • Revenue: See how much revenue each upsell has generated.
  • Conversions: See how many times each upsell has resulted in an upsell purchase.
  • Conversion Rate: See what % of upsell impressions have led to a conversion.
A/B Testing

If you want to achieve the optimal maximized order values, it helps to test and see what converts best. Easy Upsell allows you to test and measure the following via A/B tests:

  • Pop-Up Headline: Determine which headline best converts the customer's attention to a successful upsell.
  • Pop-Up Text: Determine which body copy results in the most sales.
  • Products: Determine which products convert the best on any given upsell pop-up.
Customization Options

Easy Upsell includes numerous overall customization options to allow you to customize the pop-up design to fit the look of your store. Among the elements you can customize are the fonts, colors, and button text.

Worldwide Compatibility

Easy Upsell supports local currencies and allows the pop-up text to be fully customized to any language.

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.95/mo.


  • Last updated:July, 20 2022
  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
  • Documentation:User guide

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