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About the app

Your product images are visually appealing but are they optimized? Unoptimized images can lead to slow load times, low search engine rankings and poor customer experience.

Image Optimizer helps you speed up your store, improve SEO and ensure impressed customers.

Speed up your store

Image Optimizer can automatically compress your images by removing unnecessary data to reduce file sizes. The resulting images look almost identical to their originals but they load faster.

Improve SEO

Image Optimizer can set descriptive alt texts and file names to your product images by using simple templates. Search engines use this data to understand what your images contain and to classify them better. Having descriptive alt texts and file names for product images improves SEO and positively affects your search engine rankings.

Set up in seconds

Simply install Image Optimizer, configure your settings in three simple steps in a few seconds and the app will start optimizing your product images.

App Features

Image Compression

Speed up your store by minimizing file sizes.

SEO Image Optimization

Improve your search engine ranking by setting descriptive alt texts and file names.

Fully Automated

Image Optimizer works continuously in background to optimize all existing and new product images.

Backup & Restore

Image Optimizer stores your original images for 30 days so you can restore them.

Customer Reviews

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  • Custom Price:
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