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Powerful content deserves scalable commerce. Get the best of both worlds with BigCommerce for WordPress.

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Scale without compromise on WordPress

Never worry about your WordPress admin area slowing down or your orders page taking forever to load. By decoupling the back-end commerce functionality and the WordPress front-end, you can get more done, faster.

Simplify your day-to-day with fewer plugins

BigCommerce for WordPress is a single, reliable plugin that contains the necessary functions for commerce. With a SaaS platform powering commerce, you get built-in patching, automatic product updates, and a plugin that’s always compatible with the rest of WordPress.

Gain peace of mind with enhanced security

Our ecommerce checkout offers multiple layers of security to keep you and your customers safe. BigCommerce reduces the burden of PCI compliance and ensures a secure checkout for your customers.

Fast server response time

Outpace competitors with the power of Google Cloud Platform. BigCommerce offers multiple layers of security, unparalleled bandwidth and blazing-fast speed so you can focus on generating sales — and less on maintaining your site.

Migration Success Stories

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"We saw a drastic improvement in our site load times after migrating to BigCommerce. Our page-load times were close to six seconds, on average, with WooCommerce, and now we're at around 1.2 seconds on BigCommerce, which is an 80 percent improvement"Clay Lyell, Marketing Manager,

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"We love WordPress. It empowers us to customize our website in ways that match our brand values, and it enables us to tell compelling stories alongside our retail partners. With BigCommerce for Wordpress, we'll have what we've always wanted - a laboratory for experimenting with ecommerce experiences that both bring value to Firewire retailers and enable more surfers to find our surfboards who previously couldn't access them"Chris Grow, Global Marketing Manager, Firewire Surfboards

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"We looked at WooCommerce, too, and Volusion. In over 15 years of website development, we've tried and deployed nearly everything. But we knew very early on that BigCommerce was the one for Casey's."Ben Johnson, VP Operations, Casey's Distributing and President, MaxQV, LLC


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