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Drive double-digit revenue lift for your business with Bolt & BigCommerce.

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The world’s fastest checkout on the #1 platform for mid market merchants

Bring lightning-fast checkout and secure payments to your BigCommerce site, with one simple integration.

Reduce cart abandonment

The average checkout abandonment rate is 80% or higher. Bolt’s hyper-optimized checkout gets more customers 10-20% more conversion.

Boost customer LTV

Single-click checkout means returning customers can make seamless repeat purchases, boosting your LTV.

100% fraud coverage

With Bolt’s machine plus human review, and full international coverage, your business is protected 100% from fraudulent chargebacks.

Approve more orders

Next-generation fraud algorithms approve more orders than any other tool in the industry, so you can accept orders from good customers everywhere.

Bridge content and commerce like never before

Scale your business with WordPress on the front-end and allow BigCommerce to free up server resources from things like catalog management and managing fulfillment logistics on the back-end. With Bolt’s Wordpress plug-in to BigCommerce, you can boost sales while providing the speed and security customers expect.

Drive revenue lift with Bolt and BigCommerce today.

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