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For a limited time, switch your store to BigCommerce with this incredible bundle of replatform support services for 10% off the combined quote + 3 months free*.

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Expert Support for an
Easier Transition

Replatforming isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t limit you to a platform that isn’t meeting your business needs anymore. Get expert guidance and support to make the switch to the flexible and extensible BigCommerce platform.

This carefully curated bundle of services is designed to provide a more seamless data transfer and faster time-to-market—saving your business critical time and resources.

The bundle includes:

  • Custom Catalog Transfer Services
  • On-Demand Education Services
  • Move faster on initiatives without being held back by development
  • Implementation Project Management
  • Enterprise Account Management

For businesses with more complex needs, your bundle can also include:

  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Account Management

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*Terms and Conditions: Requires entry into Enterprise contract for at least 2 years’ paid service prior to December 31, 2019; early termination requires repayment of fees waived under this offer. Offer valid only to stores switching from a Magento platform. Offer not valid for existing stores on the BigCommerce platform. Offer may be adjusted and/or extended for complex, custom solutions or unique circumstances. Valid through December 31, 2019.

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“Our entire migration process from Magento to BigCommerce only took a few months. That was great turnaround time for us, because we were still 100% operational during this entire transition process.” Wayne Ainsworth, Ecommerce Manager, Awesome GTI

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