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Superior Checkout, Better Shipping Experiences for Every Customer

Our integration with ShipperHQ gives you powerful and flexible shipping options so you can deliver checkout experiences individually catered to your customer needs. Get started with your first month free on BigCommerce.

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Smarter, Personalized Shipping

Our integration with ShipperHQ provides a seamless shipping experience that keeps up with customer demands as you scale your business.


Accurate Shipping Rates for Every Scenario

Set up base and negotiated shipping rates, or calculate the most accurate rates possible based on package dimensions, geographic location, package weight, product type and more.

More Options and Convenience for Customers

Provide customers convenient shipping options such as in-store pickup and same day delivery, and show transparent shipping information like estimated delivery date and time-in-transit.

Flexibility for Complex Shipping

Whether you sell big or small products, ship from one or many locations, or need a few or dozens of shipping options, ShipperHQ can handle requirements that are simple, complex and anything in-between.

Carriers That Meet All Merchant Needs

Define your own custom rates, or receive real-time ratings via major national and worldwide carriers plus a wide range of regional and LTL Freight carriers.

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