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Offer financing options at checkout with Klarna

Increase your average order value by offering no-liability financing options with streamlined approval for shoppers.

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Offer Klarna to increase revenue

Offering financing options through Klarna can increase orders by 30% and average spend by 34%*. Our built-in integration makes it easy to seamlessly offer Klarna credit solutions at checkout.

PlayBetter elevates its game with Klarna + BigCommerce.

Easy access to credit for shoppers

In just three steps, US-Shoppers can apply for an open line of credit at checkout and receive a decision in seconds — all without leaving your site.

Guaranteed payments

Klarna removes the risk involved with offering credit and pay-later options by assuming all responsibility for the transaction, ensuring you get paid with no chargebacks.

Built-in fraud protection

Klarna’s algorithm provides an extra layer of protection if you use Klarna for processing credit cards, with processing rates of just 2.9%.

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*Based on 2016 Klarna merchant data: https://www.klarna.com/us/business/klarna-payments