Unlock omnichannel revenue.

Tap into 300+ channels and optimize your existing channels with powerful new capabilities from the world’s leading full-service feed management platform, Feedonomics.

Sync your data in real time.

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Optimize sales potential and data pipeline needs with an event-driven, real-time sync. Prevent listing disapprovals, overselling, and account suspension and ensure timely updates for key attributes like inventory and pricing.

“If you’re a brand that’s selling across omnichannel and aspires to sell direct-to-consumer, or if you're a brand with complex products or complex customers, there's nothing else but BigCommerce and Feedonomics.”

Michael Challinger, CEO, Houzer

Streamline data management and validation.

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Ensure listings are accurate and complete with our Data Validation tool, which helps you easily identify data gaps and prevent errors to enhance your revenue potential.

Optimize product categorization across channels.

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Analyze product groupings and assign them to channel categorization taxonomy values with our Product Categorization tool. Browse valid values per channel and create rules at scale.

Simplify your content creation.

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Our Creative Content Generation tool gives you complete flexibility with user-defined prompts, and seamlessly references product catalog fields.

Track orders for real-time insights.

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Our improved FeedAMP order management automation platform UI gives you streamlined visualization for order routing and bundles, while effortlessly executing bulk actions on orders.

Easily monitor your exports.

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Stay informed and in control of the listing process. Track the status and review detailed information of exports with our comprehensive Export Runs page.

Optimize bidding and pricing for maximum ROI.

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Feedonomics’ detailed data optimizes bids and pricing decisions with Google Price Competitiveness reports. Utilize custom labels and data transformation rules to enhance campaign performance.

Make data-driven decisions with visualizations.

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Data visualizations elevate the data page and expand capabilities like column pinning, custom views, seamless sharing with other users, and more.

Manage scheduling and logs across time zones.

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Multi-timezone support ensures seamless coordination across global operations, empowering team members to utilize local time alongside the Coordinated Universal Time.

Remove friction with enhanced notifications.

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Streamline order fulfillment with enhanced email notifications and dashboard for order errors. Get actionable guidance directly within the platform for issue resolution.

“Only two months in with Feedonomics, and holy cow, they are changing our lives a little bit.”

Katie Ouaknine, Owner, Badgley Mischka Web

Automatically sync your BigCommerce catalog.

🟢 Available

Save time with automated support listing new products, updating existing listings, and managing inventory data. Integrate data from various sources like ERP and PIM.

Drive more sales in-store and online.

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Offer customers the convenience to purchase online, then pick-up in-store or receive same-day delivery. Accelerate time to market, simplify integration, and optimize data for increased performance with Feedonomics.
Available in the United States only for brands with a minimum of five brick-and-mortar locations.

Streamline and optimize your B2B data connectivity.

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Enable your distribution network to sell more, faster. Feedonomics streamlines data ingestion and standardization from suppliers, allowing you to scale data syndication to your distribution network.

Explore brand new channel launches.

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Get started and list your products on new channels around the world.

“When somebody’s using another order integration service, I ask, ‘What are you doing? Don’t you know you can have Feedonomics do all this work for you?”

Kaleb Quist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Stone Coat Countertops

Simplify Facebook and Instagram Shop returns.

🟢 Available

Returns are now seamlessly integrated into the order management automation solution for Facebook and Instagram Shops via API to ensure efficient handling of returns and refunds.

Create bundled order strategies.

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Automatically break down bundled orders for precise reporting, and seamlessly reassemble them for accurate fulfillment status across sales channels.

Manage orders and fulfillment workflows.

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Integrate marketplace and third-party partners with the FeedAMP platform. The Marketplace order API enables partners to insert, update, and retrieve orders with ease.

Expanded partnership: eBay Ads

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We’ve expanded our partnership with the eBay Ads team to drive net new adoption of eBay as a retail channel — including subsidy/rebates for qualified prospects. Learn More

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