Explore the possibilities with Foundations.

Turn your ideas into real commerce experiences with BigCommerce Foundations—open sourced apps that offer best-in-class functionality, and can be flexibly customized to deliver beyond off-the-shelf solutions.

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BigCommerce Foundations for Stripe Billing and Stripe Terminal

With Stripe Billing and Stripe Terminal Foundations, you can easily customize core commerce elements like subscription billing and point-of-sale for your specific needs—allowing you to provide a flexible, integrated payments solution that boosts revenue, increases checkout conversion, and improves customer experience.

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Stripe Billing Foundations

Capture repeat business and build new revenue streams with custom subscriptions that go beyond standard solutions. Foundations can save hundreds of hours of development work with an installable BigCommerce app, onboarding UX, API integration, product subscription configuration and post-order management widget for shoppers and more.

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Stripe Terminal Foundations

Customize your in-person payment needs with an open source point-of-sale application that connects your online and physical presence. Get a head start with employee onboarding, POS front-end including product, customer and terminal selection, integration to BigCommerce customer and promotions management, integration to APIs and more.

Customize your subscription and point-of-sale needs with Stripe Billing and Stripe Terminal—the first open sourced apps that work with your BigCommerce store.

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  • Drive growth and scale: Build commerce solutions that drive repeat, high-value customers and enable in-person payments that give you a unified view of your customers and products.
  • Customize without starting from scratch: Create your own customized solution by using Stripe Billing and Stripe Terminal Foundations as a starting point for innovation.
  • Save time and cost: Avoid the cost of errors associated with homegrown solutions, including development, integration, and maintenance—without having to settle for out-of-the-box solutions that don’t meet your needs.
  • Expand global customer reach: Choose a globally extensible payment partner like Stripe that allows you to seamlessly attract new customers in new markets and flexibly accept different payment methods to increase conversion.

Differentiate and expand your services with flexible open SaaS solutions and win bigger customers that need beyond off-the-shelf commerce solutions.

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  • Drive recurring revenue: Offer new commerce implementations and services to customize subscription and point-of-sale solutions with BigCommerce and Stripe.
  • Attract enterprise merchants: Create differentiated customer experiences for enterprise brands that need customized commerce solutions.
  • Save resources for innovation: Tailor subscription billing and point-of-sale for what your customers need without sacrificing efficiency and starting development from scratch.
  • Deliver solutions that scale: Become experts in Stripe and BigCommerce integrations, and offer unified payments that merges online and offline experiences, reporting, and includes global coverage.

Get a head start on building your own subscription and point-of-sale with open sourced apps that eliminate some slower parts of the development process.

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  • Work smarter, not harder: Foundations can remove hundreds of hours of upfront work by providing you with:
    • An installable BigCommerce app
    • Merchant onboarding UX
    • Integration into APIs and webhooks
    • An end-to-end use case to validate app functionality
  • Take advantage of a lower barrier to entry for creating new apps: Foundations makes it easier and faster to develop new apps for the BigCommerce marketplace.
  • Unlock opportunity to develop apps for high-value niche audiences: Build new solutions for markets that are underserved or dominated by old-school players, like vertical-specific point-of-sale solutions.
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