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Retail Touchpoints

August 30, 2021

BigCommerce And Diono Dig Into ‘Hybrid Retail’

During their retailX keynote, Tim Maule, President and CEO of Diono, and Marc Ostryniec, Chief Sales Officer, BigCommerce, discussed the forces impacting retail moving forward and how companies can balance digital and physical channels effectively.

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June 23, 2021

Consumers adapt to omnichannel payments, survey finds

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumers' spending and payments pattern, taking transactions to a digital landscape that includes digital wallets, BNPL and social media commerce, according to the recent research published by digital payments company PayPal and the e-commerce platform BigCommerce.

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June 16, 2021

With 'commerce in a box,' small business support goes hyperlocal

With digital payment transaction safety top of mind for many, some of the key offers in commerce in a box are from and BigCommerce. Together, they team up to offer small businesses a quick way to build or upgrade their eCommerce footprint, start accepting digital payments and protect against fraud and other business risks.

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