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The online marketplace has gone global. That means target audiences are evolving beyond traditional demographics. In 2013, the MasterCard Global Insights team designed a new methodology to gauge global consumer attitudes and discovered five clearly defined personas. We teamed with MasterCard and Simplify Commerce to provide you with actionable strategies for each persona that can help you attract and convert the right customers.

If you don’t use personas yet, it’s time to start. Personas are characters that define the ideal profile of a customer. They are based on a buyer’s behavior and needs, rather than traditional demographic information like gender and age. It is likely you’ll have more than one target persona, and defining them will help you optimize the buying journey for your ideal customers.

The five online personas defined by MasterCard focus on shoppers’ behaviors, attitudes and awareness regarding their personal information. You can take this quick online quiz to find your own persona and understand the basic traits of these characters. The primary personas are:

  • Open Sharers are highly digital consumers. Half are online more than 10 times per day, using the web to organize and share their lives. Over 80 percent believe online shopping saves them a lot of time and hassle.
  • Simply Interactors are the ultimate social networkers, with 89 percent logging in to Facebook daily. They view social networks as an easy way to stay connected but are not particularly tech-savvy consumers.
  • Solely Shoppers are characterized by their reliance on the Internet for their shopping needs, both to research and purchase products. Though they view the Internet as a convenient and safe way to shop, they are much less involved in other online activities such as social networking and entertainment.
  • Passive Users are less engaged online than other personas. Only 41 percent feel they’re missing out when they don’t check their social networks daily. But they do appreciate the convenience of e-commerce and are more likely to shop on a mobile device.
  • Proactive Protectors are guarded when it comes to sharing online. They are unlikely to use social networking sites and are very active in managing their privacy. They shop online because it saves them time, but are not willing to trade information about themselves to access deals.

Want to learn more about these personas and how you can sell to each of them? Download the five personas ebook and watch the recorded webinar featuring our Vice President of Marketing Kirsten Knipp and MasterCard’s Vice President of Global Insights Theodore Iacobuzio. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at these global consumers.

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