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[Video] How to Significantly Improve Sales With Social Proof and Credibility

Mitchell Harper / 1 min read

Part 1:

Part 2:

I talk to dozens of ecommerce merchants every week and while they have no problem setting up their online store using our ecommerce software, if they simply spent a few hours to add some credibility to their online store then they would see a significant boost in their conversion rate.

In this video I discuss seven simple strategies you can use to enhance your conversion rate by anywhere between 10% and 200%. Simple strategies like adding a short welcome video to your store’s home page or making sure you display security and payment seals on your website can really make the difference when it comes to someone deciding whether or not they will buy from you.

Selling online is all about building trust and communicating that you’re a well established company, and if you follow the steps outlined in these videos I’m confident you’ll get a higher return from your online store than your competitors will.

This video is the fourteenth of many which I’ll be publishing on our new YouTube guru channel, BigCommerceDotCom. Check it out and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss future videos.


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  1. Mitchell Harper
  2. Jean-Yves on


    Thank You for this excellent video, great tips! You mentioned at about 2:30 of Part 1 about a link we should check…Would you mind writing the URL for us…I couldn’t quite figure it out just by listening…thank you!

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