The Ecommerce Answers glossary offers access to an excellent resource that clearly defines the most common and useful terms in the world of ecommerce. Gain a better understanding of both fundamental and complicated concepts as they relate to building a successful online store.

What is link building?

Link building is the process of attaining inbound links, or convincing sources on the Web to add hyperlinks on their websites that point to yours. Read More


What are splash pages?

A splash page is a special introductory Web page that users see before they can continue on to the main content of the site. Read More


What are beacons?

Using low-energy Bluetooth connections, beacons can either send or collect information to and from these devices, which is one reason that retail organizations and marketers in particular are excited about the prospects of the technology. Read More


What are social logins?

Social logins allow visitors to use existing login information from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to sign into third-party sites. Read More

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