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What Is Call Center Recording?

Call recording offers a contact center the capacity to record both phone calls and screen activity. 

A company will generally record phone calls between its contact agents and customers with the intention of improving its service quality. Contact centers also engage in call center recording for a variety of other reasons including the impact of expense reports and - in extreme cases - potential litigation. However, the main reason stated is that calls are “recorded for quality assurance purposes.” 

How Call Center Recording Works

Call center recording focuses on both inbound and outbound communication between agents and customers. A contact center will have a dedicated platform that enables them to record audio from phone calls. Depending on the function of the contact center, the chosen software may also enable customer service agents to share their screen with the customer.

Contact centers invest in call recording software to enable call monitoring and call evaluations. Contact center managers and team leaders can access a database of recorded phone calls and screen activity, relating to a precise time, date, and agent. They can monitor the audio of different stages of the call and gain valuable insights into exchanges.

Managers need to track their contact center analytics to gauge what areas of the business can be improved. Managers can track the number of calls taken or made and they will know how long, on average, calls last providing the business with valuable data. 

The Benefits of Call Center Recording

Call center recording is highly beneficial to your contact center and more importantly, your company’s customers. Businesses are constantly seeking areas to improve and provide better experiences for their customers and call recording is an insightful and valuable tool in assessing these areas. The happier customers are, the more likely they are to spend money with your company for an extended time period.

Here are some of the key benefits of call center recording:

Better Agents

Many believe that a company is only as good as its customer-facing teams. Customers primarily engage with many businesses through its customer service and contact center agents. To ensure the best possible service, a company will need happier and more productive agents on the team. Some contact centers use omnichannel strategies to engage customers to provide customers with a universally improved consumer experience.

By recording phone calls and building a database of calls that can be pulled up with a few clicks, a company will have more accountable contact center agents. Recorded calls also help the company in cases of liability. Some recorded calls can be transcribed as text, enabling managers and legal teams to read through the content of particular phone calls.

More Efficient Customer Calls

The longer it takes to diagnose customer concerns and fix them, the more money a company stands to lose. Contact centers want to take on as many calls as possible without sacrificing time and quality. By using call center recording, a company expands its opportunity to improve customer engagement strategies.

Management teams can take the time to listen through selected calls taken and calls made. As they evaluate the quality of their phone calls, managers can determine areas for improvement. There will always be advancing technology and call center recording empowers managers in giving constructive feedback as to how the customer service agents are adapting to new in-house tech.

Improved Training

In every industry, you ideally want to hire staff that can join your existing teams and contribute effectively. Contact centers usually hire customer service agents that have experience in the field, but that will also be adaptable to emerging technology. It’s essential to deliver scheduled training to contact center staff so they understand operations and how to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

Call center recording can also help a company train new team members. New employees can spend a session or two of the training period listening in on recorded calls and learn how to interact with different types of customers. Invest in call center recording tools, and you’re also investing in your call center agents.

Call Center Recording - The Verdict

By implementing call center recording, contact center managers will have better-trained contact agents and a deeper understanding of how they work. Agents that can efficiently diagnose and address customer concerns with the aid of call center recording tools will boost customer satisfaction by providing the best possible service. 

Not only will you have happier, more informed agents that are more competent and confident, but customers will also benefit from an all-round stronger monitoring and training process.

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