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How to create ecommerce videos with purpose

To create an effective video for your ecommerce store, you need an effective plan. The first step of your plan should be to determine the goal of your video. An aimless video is hard to create and even harder to watch. The point of a video can vary greatly, from demonstrating a product to highlighting your brand. Before you write a script or pick up a camera, answer the question, "What do I want this video to do for my online store?" From there, you can create a plan for your video.

Determine what is needed for each shoot

Beyond the equipment used to shoot a video, you may also need people, products or both to complete a shoot. For example, a product demonstration video will require someone to perform the action and someone to film it. A showcase of current items or a video promoting a sale may not require anything beyond a place to quickly shoot each product and some post-production editing to add product names and other information. In both instances, you should have at least a rough script as well as a shooting plan to make the process simpler and more successful.

Define the objective of the shoot

The point of the video and the objective of the shoot are related, although the objective of the shoot is usually more concrete. For example, if the purpose of a video is to highlight a new product or let customers know about an upcoming sale, the objective of the shoot could be to get 30 seconds of clear footage of the product being used or showing all of the items involved in the sale. Clearly defining the shoot's objective will help you determine your priorities and spend less time filming and editing.

Make the beginning interesting

Research has shown that the majority of people watching videos online decide whether or not to view the entire piece during the first 2 percent. Developing an interesting, exciting or otherwise engaging opening to a video is crucial. You should also clearly convey what will be shown during the rest of the video to keep viewers engaged.

BigCommerce helps growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online.

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