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What is syndicated content for online retailers?

Definition: Syndicated content is content that is published on multiple sites beyond the source, which broadens its reach and visibility. Online businesses will syndicate their content with the goal of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic from a relevant audience.

Syndicated content can offer a quick boost to brand visibility

Blogging is a proven long-term strategy that helps a business establish authority in their domain. But when individual posts don't go viral, it can take a long time for the content to generate measurable returns. Syndicated content solves for that by reaching a broader audience and increasing brand mentions by leveraging websites with established authority.

The key to successfully syndicating content is to only publish where it reaches a relevant audience. To achieve demonstrable ROI from syndicated content, the message needs to be heard by prospects.

How does syndicated content impact SEO?

The affect of syndicated content on SEO varies in different situations:

If thecontent is first published on the company website, it is usually identified as the source and therefore receives "credit" from search engines.

If the**content is not published on the company website,**search engines will attribute it to syndicators and not the author's site itself.

If publishers link****to the company website with a followed link, it will pass PageRank to the company's domain, positively affecting its SEO. However, this comes with the risk of penalty.

If the publishers link to the company website with a nofollow link, it will not affect the company's SEO value.

The Two-Tier Content Strategy

Syndicating content across the web immediately brings up an important question: if people can read your content on other sites, do they have any reason to visit your own website? That can be determined by the content itself.

**1. Identify yourself -**readers should know who's publishing the content, but without endless plugs. A quick reference or link to another contne

**2. Reference other posts on your website -**link to blog posts and other marketing assets that can get readers into the funnel. This can also leverage the syndicated content to gain new blog subscribers.

**3.****Syndicate unique content -**When you go to the trouble of syndicating content, make it count! Put your best foot forward with a truly engaging piece that offers a point of view that hasn't been endlessly repeated within the blogosphere.

BigCommerce helps growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online.

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