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Web Design Principles

On the internet, web design tips are a dime a dozen. Many people have opinions on what the perfect website looks like. 

It has always been a game of making choices. Each color, pattern, line, font choice, and curve you use will influence the message you’re communicating to your target audience.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing you make your website, if your visitors don’t feel connected to your website, they are simply never going to convert.

Use Web Design Psychology to Increase Conversions 

There are websites that most of us forget about as soon as we hit the ‘close tab’. 

Sometimes the design is horrible, or something is difficult to locate, or the search functionality is poor. It could also be that the website takes too long to load and you don’t have the patience left to stick around for the page to display. 

As humans, we are wired to want the best. And here’s how we define ‘the best’ – instant gratification, easier choices, comfort, choosing the path of least resistance – all the good things in life. 

So, what do we term as a great UX

  • Great communication: Having a clear and concise goal on your website is going to do wonders for your conversion. Use properly placed text, or a great infographic, to guide your user towards your mutual goals or user activation. Try to up the ante when it comes to communication on your website.

  • Symmetry: The best way to establish symmetry is through simplicity. The simpler your design, the easier it is to make it attractive and symmetrical.

  • Increase page loading speed: People can be pretty impatient at times. Cut down all unnecessary elements in order to make your page load speed high.

  • The low number of choices: People don’t like having too many choices offered to them on websites. It creates a sensory overload that makes them feel like there’s effectively nothing worth choosing.

  • Keep it simple where possible: Finding the right kind of balance between intuitive and attractive isn’t easy to do on your own. Several designers working on this kind of design might do the trick, but even then it’s a matter of creativity.

Currently, a lot of research is happening in the field of psychology, giving us insights into simple psychological hacks that can get your website visitors to take action and convert.

Here is a list of strategies that you should have in mind while designing your website.

Psychology Influenced Web Design Best Practices

It is in your hands to make consumers buy a particular product and encourage them to visit your website again for more. Depending on the site you are developing and your product or your user onboarding, you can use the tactics mentioned here.

1. Keep the design distraction-free

Our brain constantly battles with chaos and data. The principles of minimalistic design ensure that your page layout appears to be free of distracting elements. Organizing the content on the website in a viewer-friendly manner ensures that visitors to your website can easily navigate through without feeling overwhelmed by chaotic information bombarded at them.

2. Leverage human emotion

Effective use of relevant images creates emotional resonance with visitors, helping them easily connect with your brand. Using images with people not only leverage human emotion but also direct a visitor's attention where you want it to go on the website.

3. Create a sense of urgency 

Urgent situations compel us to take action. Showcasing scarcity works well for creating a sense of urgency in the visitors at your website. 

Nothing drastic or overly complicated, simply provide something of value for a limited time, say free e-books or a free e-learning course for a limited period of time. 

4. Use white space wisely

White space is intentionally left untouched to smooth everything out and turn the page into something beautiful. 

White space aims to show that simple designs are elegant and a page doesn’t have to fill its layout with graphics and text to convey a message that’s clear and direct. One of the feelings that a white space conveys is an open-air, calm feeling. 

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