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What are pins and how use them effectively

**Definition:**Pins are visual bookmarks utilized by Pinterest users to save and share interesting topics and articles for future reference. Pins usually link to the source website, allowing Pinners to easily buy or research products and services they've found through the social media platform.

Pins afford online stores an opportunity to connect with Pinterest users and get a visual representation of their brand or products in front of the right people. Users create boards for specific fields and separate their bookmarks by category; by getting discovered in the proper category, relevant users can discover a brand.

Online merchants can not only develop their own pages for Pinterest users to follow, but also fill their own product pins with product marketing material and specs to encourage a purchase.

Extended shelf life

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which favor recent content, longstanding pins can increase their discovery over time. More shares and visibility equates to more recommendations. This is highly beneficial to online stores because the most popular products are often longstanding and don't require the continual promotion necessary on other social platforms.

However, re-pinning — similar to reposting — can also get content in front of Pinterest users following your page who aren't browsing past pins.

Rich Pins

Rich pins contain additional information about a post that is relevant to interested users, including item availability and current pricing. Pinterest browsers won't just see an option to go to your website, but pertinent details that could help direct them to find out more.

Time and personal tie-ins also go a long way towards converting interested Pinners into paying customers. It's crucial to add, update and repin items when Pinterest users are active to ensure maximum discovery and sharing.

How to create a successful pin

Pins are a smart way for ecommerce sites to increase their following, as well as their profits. A successful pin will follow these guidelines:

  • Quality over quantity: It's not how many pins a company uses, but how well these tools are crafted to attract customers.

  • Master you niche: Similar to success in organic search, it's best to continually post content relevant to your products to demonstrate authority on the subject.

  • **Pin important new products:**Once you release a new item, pin it to help generate buzz and increase exposure.

  • Engage consumers: Pinterest is a social media site, so ecommerce businesses should use the platform to interact with their audience frequently.

  • Refresh: Enterprises should update pins often, especially when new information is available for customers.

BigCommerce helps growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online.

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