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What is a Facebook activity log?

Definition: A Facebook activity log lists all social activity in chronological order, including posts, likes, followers, mentions, and more. Activity log also allows users to manage what is visible on their page.

A major part of creating and maintaining your business' brand is controlling the conversation around it. Facebook activity log acts as a control panel for your Facebook presence, where you can check and edit your scheduled posts or see what others are saying about you.

Managing scheduled posts

The activity log is a simple way to get an overview of past and future posts. This high-level perspective is the ideal place to ensure your social media strategy is being executed and reflects overall brand marketing objectives.

This can be particularly useful if a post is time-sensitive. If the conditions or facts of an event change, you can alter your post before it goes up. Alternatively, if you think a post is irrelevant or off-message, you can delete it entirely.

Monitoring the conversation

Before you can control the conversation, you have to be able to know what's being said about you. The activity log provides an overview of all interactions with your page, including comments, tagged posts, and mentions.

Social media often alerts businesses to any operational or IT issues, such as failed order fulfillment or website troubles. Keeping tabs on your activity log allows you to take swift action and respond to customer concerns.

Dealing with posts and comments

Your Facebook profile or page is your public face to the world. As such, it's important that you keep close tabs on the discussions you create and are brought into.

For even the best brands, negative user feedback is unavoidable. Activity log lets you hide or delete comments and untag yourself from posts you don't want to be a part of. You can even use it to identify nuisance posters and restrict their access to your page. This doesn't mean hiding every negative post; in fact, letting the public see you rectifying a customer problem or issue is healthy for a business. But not all critical posts will be constructive, and some may be vulgar or contain language you don't want associated with your brand.

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