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Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce: What it means and best practices

**Definition:**Facebook marketing is the practice of promoting a brand and maintaining its presence on Facebook. Facebook marketing refers to both organic (free) postings/interactions, and paid, or "boosted" posts.

Drawing more than 1.4 billion users every month, Facebook is one of the most important mediums for generating brand awareness and interacting with customers.

Successful Facebook marketing strategies for businesses

Facebook marketing can be falsely limited to increasing exposure and engagement in the News Feed. As Facebook algorithm changes limited the number of commercial posts in user feeds, getting visibility valuable real estate

Companies that focus less on direct sales and instead use creative ways to blend into the experience users enjoy most about Facebook will make a greater impact with their marketing.

Focus on user benefit

Every post should have a clear benefit people will immediately recognize and respond to. Posts that inform and entertain customers always get higher engagement than others. Therefore, it's critical that you develop an intimate understanding of your audience is and what's important to them, according to Hootsuite. Focus your content on solving their problems, creating inspiration and getting them to share a laugh with your brand. You will see a difference in the response to your efforts.

Keep your posts succinct and use captivating images

People scroll through Facebook feeds the same way they channel surf with their televisions. Even though people check Facebook an average of 14 times a day on their smartphones, according to NBC News, their time and attention spans are limited. Brands that keep their status updates concise and compelling - while also using striking images and video - capture the attention of users as they scan through content.

Sharing content from other brands

People are not necessarily interested in only hearing about your company. Sharing content from other influencers can boost the value users get from following your page, making the brand a source of industry knowledge while also helping you network with these other sources. By sharing and commenting on the content provided by other influencers, you are nurturing a relationship with people who may return the favor later on.

Always engage your fans

Brands often forget that communication on Facebook is a two-way street. Commenting and replying to what others post on Facebook is powerful way to demonstrate that your brand listens just as well as it talks. Engaging people makes your company seem more human and approachable and may inspire interest in knowing more about what you do, Soci advised.

Why is Facebook advertising important?

The strategies above can make your Facebook marketing pay off on a larger scale, but it's also difficult to reach enough people to affect change without paying to expand your presence. Competition for News Feed exposure is fierce, and companies that pay to boost their posts are getting better results than competitors that don't.

Facebook offers several different marketing tools businesses can use, depending what their goals are. You can target your posts at audiences using advertising filters - like income, interests and behavior - driving people to your website or other apps where they can learn more about your products and ultimately make a purchase. You can also run advertising that helps build your community on Facebook, like "page like" campaigns.

Facebook marketing is a must for every business today. There are plenty of tools that complement Facebook marketing and companies leveraging them will get the most out of their efforts. Instead of selling people, brands need to focus on creating content that sparks the imagination with good storytelling and creative ideas. By helping people with your expertise, you will eventually earn their business and loyalty.

BigCommerce helps growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online.

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