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What is Google's Manager Accounts tool?

**Definition:**Manager Accounts, known previously as My Client Center (MCC), is the Google AdWords reporting dashboard that collects and centralizes an individual or organization's AdWords campaigns. Manager Accounts allows for robust oversight, control, and editing of all aspects of AdWords campaigns.

How is Manager Accounts different from other Google Adwords' reporting tools?

Manager Accounts aims to fulfill the same need of Google AdWords Editor, but on a larger scale. Manager Accounts contains a more robust feature set intended primarily for larger marketing organizations that need a higher-level view than the one accessed in Editor.

What can marketers do in Manager Accounts?

AdWords Manager Accounts is a full-featured software system which allows total control over a nearly-unlimited number of AdWords accounts. These do not even necessarily have to be restricted to a single brand or Google account, making it an effective tool for online businesses managing multiple brands at once.

Manager Accounts allows:

  • Single-login access to a large number of AdWords accounts.

  • A simplified dashboard for accessing all linked accounts.

  • Full creation and editing access to linked accounts.

  • The creation of new AdWords accounts from within Manager Accounts.

  • Performance monitoring for either individual or multiple accounts.

  • Robust reporting with any number of accounts' data.

  • Manageable user access with multiple levels of permissions.

  • Sharing of data via other Google productivity services.

  • Centralized billing for associated accounts, with detailed budget breakdowns.

  • Programmable automatic alerts for problems or successes.

One important distinction: a Manager Account is not an AdWords account, but rather an "umbrella" super-account created for managing existing AdWords accounts.

What type of organizations use Manager Accounts?

While Manager Accounts is free for any AdWords user to access, it is primarily intended for people who directly manage a large number of AdWords services. Its target audience includes large advertisers, PPC agencies, and automated bid managers.

A small-to-mid-size retailer does not generally require the advanced functionality and segmentation offered by MCC. The traditional AdWords online interface, or the AdWords Editor offline software.

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