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What is Quality Score? How to optimize commerce PPC ads for conversion

**Definition:**Quality Score is an algorithmic variable in Google AdWords and other PPC ad platforms that impacts the rank and cost per click (CPC) of online advertisements. Ecommerce stores carefully monitor Quality Score to ensure their advertisements receive more clicks, higher placement, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Why Google uses Quality Score

Quality Score helps search engines provide the most relevant ads to users, in turn generating more revenue for their advertising platforms. Google explained in 2008 that the Quality Score is most commonly utilized to pinpoint specific ads to place above search results. The company also revealed that an elite Quality Score can spur an ad to leapfrog other ads that have comparatively lower Quality Scores.

How is Quality Score calculated?

To determine Quality Score, advertising platforms such as Google and Bing use an algorithm to assess and rank competing advertisements for a given bid (or query). Search engines are continually refining their Quality Score formulas to try and deliver the best results, making it imperative for digital marketers to stay abreast of developing trends.

Variables that influence quality score include:

  • **Click-through rate (CTR):**If an advertiser consistently sees low click through, their quality score can drop and make it difficult to appear in the first spot on PPC ads.

  • Landing page content quality: Google uses similar means to evaluate paid landing pages that it does for organic search.

  • **Landing page load times:**Slow pages are bad for users, and search engines are motivated to present faster-loading pages so their audience .

  • **Ad copy relevance:**Copy isn't just for the benefit of advertisers: search engines want to make sure that irrelevant ads aren't displayed.

  • **Geographic considerations:**Queries with geographic parameters impact an advertisement's relevance

Paying attention and optimizing for these factors can boost ad performance and help you attain higher quality scores.

Monitor Quality Score regularly

Take a look at your account's Quality Score on the keyword level. High Quality Scores indicate relevance, which should correspond to higher conversion rates. Each keyword may have other variables that impact performance; examine performance to draw conclusions about what works for your business, and what can be improved.

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