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What is SaaS Customer Support?

SaaS customer support is the act of assisting customers during both the pre-sale and post-sale journey with a SaaS product.

Along with answering questions and troubleshooting problems, this process can include continued customer education via webinars, creating knowledge base articles and other resources.

Why is SaaS Customer Support Important?

The quality of your customer support can have a tremendous impact on your company's performance — both good and bad. Customer support affects various aspects of business, more specifically:

Customer retention: Of all the reasons customers churn, feeling neglected is the most common. In fact, up to 68% of people claim to leave companies when they feel their needs are not being met.

Pricing: It turns out that people are more than willing to pay extra for a tailored customer experience. One report suggests that the difference between good and bad customer support can reflect a 25% variation in price.

**Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR):**A consequence of the previous two points, it is only natural that better customer retention and a higher price affect how much your company makes on a monthly basis.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Like MRR, CLV is also influenced by retention and pricing. After all, the longer a customer stays with you and the more they spend, the higher their overall value is.

How Can You Make SaaS Customer Support Work for You?

You can't build a competent SaaS customer support team overnight. It requires time and strategy. And although we can't help you with the former, we can give you a few pointers on what you should look for in a good SaaS customer support strategy.

Make sure to consider:

**Agent Training:**Your agents are the backbone of your entire customer support strategy. So naturally, they should be the first thing you focus on when trying to improve it. Incorporate both technical and soft skill training into your agenda, and you'll soon see radical improvements in your SaaS customer support's performance.

**Customer Support Tools:**While your agents are essential, they are just one piece of the puzzle. The tools they use in their everyday activities significantly impact their productivity and efficiency too. Consider your business needs and then take the time to observe your customer support team at work.

If you notice any issues or bottlenecks, consult your team leaders and figure out if they can be done away with via more training or onboarding new tools. For example, many modern companies swear by VoIP solutions, as they lower call costs, allow for remote work and can help facilitate international growth.

**Self-help Knowledge Library:**Due to the nature of customer support, your agents tend to spend a lot of time answering extremely simple questions. Unfortunately, this takes away from their capacity to resolve other, more complex issues. Consider creating a knowledge library or an FAQ page, where you can redirect callers to streamline the problem-solving process and save your agents some time.

The Final Word

With all that said, there is one question left — a question which you'll have to answer for yourself. You know why SaaS customer support is becoming increasingly important and its advantages. Are you ready to join the other early adopters and take the chance to improve your company for the better or hold onto what used to work?

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