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What is team messaging?

In an age of social media, we are all aware of the different ways we can use online messaging and using video conferencing tools to contact people. Including using it to talk to customers. But communicating in a work scenario is a little different. When it comes to talking to teammates, team messaging is the way to go. 

Team messaging differs greatly from talking to friends or customers. The topics and tone are different. The functions and purposes are different. And how it is used is different, too. 

As remote work increases, the use of team messaging increases with it. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the topic. 

Is Team Messaging Worth It? 

There are so many forms of communication out there. We can talk to people over the phone, communicate over email, and send messages via Facebook. So, is it worth putting in the extra effort with team messaging? 

The short answer is yes. 

That’s because team messaging brings all these things together in one easy to manage space. Instead of having a virtual meeting or sharing a document on separate platforms, using team messaging allows you to do it through one interface. Making life easier for everyone involved. 

The way we work is changing drastically. Twenty years ago, it was pagers and faxing. Ten years ago, it was emails and phone calls. Today, it’s team messaging. 

We don’t quite know what the future of communication holds just yet. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get on board with the current way of working. And to get up to speed with the ever-evolving world of team communications. 

Is it Better Than ‘Old’ Tech? 

In a work environment, we need to be quick and precise. As tech advances, the way we work needs to move with it. Say, for example, you are a designer. Before, you could have hand-drawn a design, scanned it in, and sent it off. Perhaps a day later the manager would make a few comments. 

Now, everything is done online. So, a piece is now drawn up on something like Adobe Design. Then, it’s shared via Trello. A manager will see that design, comment on the image, and alterations are made instantly.

Today, from start to end, every step of a project is communicated over team messaging solutions. Project management software, too, means that everybody has a say. Resulting in the whole process being significantly sped up. Which in turn means that businesses can make more money and capitalize on current trends. 

Team communication tools focus on the content of what is being said/sent. Rather than just the message. They are also great for organizing and storing files thanks to the cloud. Making it easier for teams to look through and easily find projects relating to them. 

Also, files can be accessed from anywhere at any time and from most devices, too. Meaning that information is no longer just stored from the work computer. And if someone wants to work at 3am from a hotel in Tokyo or 7pm from a park in Glasgow, they can. 

Team messaging even has virtual meeting rooms. So, teammates don’t even need to be in the same room to discuss projects anymore. 

None of this was possible with ‘old tech’. 

What Team Messaging Options are Out There? 

New types of chat solutions are being developed all the time. All with different focuses. The software you choose will depend on your company and your growth strategy.

Here are a few options: 

1. Slack.

This is probably one of the most popular work chats out there. It has instant messaging and file sharing, and is great for everyday use. 

2. Facebook Workplace. 

With many versatile features, this tool is perfect for those companies that want to focus on meaningful conversations. Resulting in a positive working culture. 

3. ProofHub. 

Great for communicating with both clients and employees, ProofHub brings all communication to one place. Helping get work done faster. 

4. RingCentral.

This one is great for team collaboration, and includes pretty much every single aspect of every messaging app. Including video calls, one-to-one chat, and screen sharing


All work can be adapted depending on the type of company. It doesn’t matter if a person is selling shoes online or creating a digital magazine. 

Modern team messaging  brings together writers, managers, illustrators, marketers, social media, and every other member of the team. All in one place, to work on a project together, even if geographically they’re spread across the globe. 

However you may feel about this, the truth is, we all need to get to grips with team messaging at work. Because it’s here to stay.

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