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What is a landing page? How does it benefit ecommerce businesses?

A new ecommerce business needs to have a place for its visitors to go once they enter the website. Without landing pages, an online retailer cannot create an interactive experience for its customers.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any Web page a visitor arrives at by either clicking on a hyperlink or typing a URL directly into a browser. These include the homepage of your online store, as well as any product-specific pages you create.

The goal of any landing page is to entice a certain type of action, whatever that may be.

Are there different types of landing pages?

There are a handful of different landing pages that exist depending on the type of action a business wants its visitors to take. They are as follows:

  • Click-thru landing pages: These types of landing pages have one goal in mind: getting the user to click through to additional pages, as the name implies. A click-thru landing page is typically used in ecommerce platforms because it often hosts a specific product and its accompanying description.

  • How does it help businesses?: These landing pages are beneficial because they don't immediately collect data immediately from the shopper. A business simply shows off its products on a click-thru landing page with the hopes of initiating a sale.

Landing pages help prompt customers to make purchases.

  • Lead generation landing pages: The other type of landing page an ecommerce business can utilize is the lead generation landing page. These are typically used to capture certain customer information such as name, email address and contact information, which the business then uses at a later date to send further promotional details or product offerings.

  • How does it help businesses?: Lead generation landing pages are dedicated to generating prospect information so an ecommerce business can reach out to the interested customers at a later time. These landing pages offer something in return for customers who share their information. Examples include promotion codes, coupons, free trials, physical gifts, contest entries or notifications of future product launches.

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