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What is multichannel listing and why is it important?

Online store owners can list their products on multiple channels to reach new audiences and increase sales. If you're selling on a single channel for your ecommerce business, you're only reaching a small percentage of your potential market. Multichannel listing will help your company tap into larger audiences and win customers who normally wouldn't find out about your products.

What is multichannel listing?

Multichannel listing is simply the process of listing products and services on various digital properties. Traditional means of multichannel listing included promoting products and services in catalogs and in brick-and-mortar stores. Ecommerce companies can now list their products on a wide variety of digital platforms and channels.

How do you set up multichannel listings?

Multichannel product listing are set up through an ecommerce platform provider. Online retail host sites typically integrate with other marketplaces or digital channels, which makes it easy for a business owner to list his or her products on various channels at once. Feedonomics can help list, optimize and manage your muiltichannel product listings.

These other conduits will typically charge a small commission from the final sale for hosting the transaction.

How does multichannel benefit ecommerce businesses?

Listing your products on multiple channels can be a major boost to your sales - companies who list on multiple channels typically earn more than those who limit selling to just one platform. Multichannel listing can help your business in two main ways:

  1. Ecommerce companies that list in multiple channels engage with more customers on a regular basis

  2. Consumers who interact with a company through more than one channel buy more than single-channel shoppers

Data from shows a lack of channel integration causes retailers to lose 2 to 4 percent of revenue (1).

Multichannel listing also presents a unified and seamless payment experience for customers while keeping your inventory and order data organized through one central platform.

1. "Multi-channel Retailing Goes Mainstream"

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