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How to create an SEM landing page

Now that you're familiar with PPC advertising, it's time to learn more about how to successfully write landing pages for your search engine marketing efforts. In today's digital day and age, search engines are a great tool for boosting your e-commerce website's online visibility and brand reputation. Online visibility also helps improve click-through rates, which are equally key for securing high conversion metrics for your business.

Landing pages are often the first impression customers get when they visit your website, so there can't be much room for error when it comes to crafting the online product pages. While the goal of a search engine marketing campaign is to increase click-through rates, it's important to note that landing pages should be the first thing that users see when they come to your website. If a consumer is directed to your homepage from another website, the chances of conversion dramatically decrease. Online shoppers are engaging with e-commerce companies more now because of its inherent convenience, and making them go through an extra step or two nullifies the expedience of Web-based commerce.

What makes a good landing page?

Now that we know not to direct consumers to the homepage of your website, the next thing to know about creating a landing page for SEM is to optimize it for conversions. Depending on who you are, there are a handful of factors that go into a quality landing page. But generally speaking, the following characteristics are often considered the genetic makeup of a strong landing page:

Once these design elements are considered or implemented, a business can then focus on catering specifically to SEM for its landing pages. Remember, the purpose of these pages is to convert shoppers into buyers, but they cannot be accessed if they're not tailored for search engine queries. That said, everything included on the landing pages must be optimized. If it's content, it should provide some type of value to the visiting customer, otherwise he or she won't feel the need to come back to the site again. Alternatively, if you're using a top landing page builder to generate leads for your website, the sign-up form should be seamless and easy to use. The majority of the text should be relevant to your industry, products and business plan, and it should be focused on driving customers to particular landing pages on your website. Landing pages must be created with a specific goal or strategy in mind.

Business accreditation should also be placed on landing pages, especially if it's a part of the website that's trying to sell something directly. New customer relationships are formed partly on trust, and if a consumer notices that your business has won past awards or is positively viewed in the public eye, they'll be more likely to buy from you.

BigCommerce helps growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online.

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