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Using video to engage customers, increase rankings and improve conversion

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It is no surprise that the the rules of effective marketing change pretty regularly. With the rise of YouTube and online media, using videos to engage your customers is now one of the best ways to drastically improve your bottom line.


Creating a really good video is the most effective way to communicate to your audience. It allows you to make a personal connection to your customers and express your passion for what you do. Developing a video strategy that explains your business and shows a behind-the-scenes view helps provide a sense of legitimacy to your potential customers while gaining their trust.

Videos are also a great tool to improve your shoppers’ engagement. A recent comScore study showed that a website with an intriguing video holds the viewer’s attention two minutes longer than a website that contains no videos. Visitor time is a key factor that search engines look at to determine relevancy. Increasing the time spent on your website is beneficial to your ranking.

An excellent example of a website that takes great advantage of video is (see 17 more examples of stores who stand apart from the competition with their product videos).

Get Found

We all know that Google likes to change their algorithms frequently, and using social signals to help your website get found is crucial in an online marketing strategy. Videos can be shared across social networks with the click of a button. Every time one of your videos is shared, more backlinks to your website are created.

Building a strong video marketing strategy can actually increase your chances of achieving first-page rankings in search engines by up to 53 times. With search engines’ “blended search” showing videos and photos alongside regular search results, optimizing the videos on your website can really go a long way. Google favors videos in search results, and a study at aimClear showed that videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results.

Here are a few tips and best practices to better optimize your videos for search engines:

  • Host your videos on YouTube. And embed them on relevant pages of your website such as blog posts and product pages.
  • Use keywords. Add keywords to the title of your video that are relevant to the content, as well as in the description of the video.
  • Location, location, location! The positioning of a video on your website is crucial. Make sure it’s somewhere highly visible and engaging.
  • Truly engage your viewer. Don’t just spit out information — make the video interesting and something that a customer would want to watch.
  • Two minutes vs. 10. Make the video short and sweet. Include the information that your customers are looking for, and don’t overwhelm them in the process. Most people would prefer to watch a short descriptive video than read paragraphs of content, but watching a long vide can feel like a chore.
  • Don’t leave viewers hanging. Include a closing slide in your video that includes relevant information as well as links to your website and other relevant videos.


Showing off your products in a video, and how they will work for your customers, can increase conversion by up to 160%! Have a look at and the videos that they have showing off how simple their furniture is to put together and showcasing their products.

User-generated video testimonials can help drastically increase your conversion rate, too. Being able to watch a video of someone reviewing a product on your website helps prove the quality of your products. If you get nice reviews of your products, ask the customers if  they might be willing to do a video testimonial. Then feature it on the appropriate product pages.

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