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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $4000 per month. Upfront fees vary depending on client needs and requests.

About the app

Bloomreach Engagement combines the powers of a customer data platform, an email service provider, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and web personalization so you can create marketing campaigns across all channels that drive revenue.

Built for marketers to be easy to use and help them generate the results that would be impossible, or extremely time consuming with any other tool.

Become the marketer you always knew you could be with the power of Bloomreach Engagement.

Integration's Goals:

Bloomreach Engagement integration's primary goal is to enable faster integration with your BigCommerce store. It enables a few key integrations immediately with possible changes needed depending on your level of customization. And most importantly, enables you to spend resources on developing more advanced value-generating use cases.

Integration enables:

  • Customer Data Feed
  • Purchase Events Feed
  • Product Feed
  • Populating dataLayer for easier Front-end Tracking
  • Cross-device Identity Resolution for Logged-in Visitors

With these integrations you can immediately start deploying automations, triggered campaigns, and web personalization that will help you grow the revenue of your store. Examples include omnichannel abandoned cart campaigns, 1:1 personalized email campaigns, and behavioral nudges that drive up conversion rates.


  • Using Bloomreach Engagement requires a license.

App Features

Built-in CDP

Deliver personalized experiences at scale with a CDP that offers a single customer view, identity resolution, cross-channel consent management, advanced security, and a visual audience builder designed to create segmentations based on customer behaviors and intent.

All the Channels

There's no such thing as too many channels. Bloomreach Engagement enables you to use customer data to power email, SMS, web/mobile push, in-app messaging, Whatsapp, ad audiences, custom webhooks, or API integrations with other tools in your stack (CRM, call center, POS etc.).

Campaign Builder

Empower your marketing team to design a customized omnichannel journey with just a few clicks. Use our drag-and-drop journey builders and visual editors to create great looking emails, weblayers, and SMS. All automated and delivering unique, personalized experiences for each individual customer.

Enrich your Data with the Help of AI

Compose personalized product recommendations for visitors browsing your pages. Predict customer behavior like purchase probability, email opens, or even optimal email send time. Create variants, choose a metric to evaluate against, and let Bloomreach Engagement send the winning variant of the campaign automatically.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $4000 per month. Upfront fees vary depending on client needs and requests.


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