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About the app

Ready for today's B2B buyers

We offer the easiest way to receive and process your B2B Orders. Our SaaS-platform fully integrated with BigCommerce is ready for all your B2B needs.

Easy, flexible and fast implementation

  • Headless
  • Support for Multi-Storefront & Multi-Language
  • Storyblok as CMS, integrated with BigCommerce
  • Next.JS framework
  • Deployed on Vercel
  • Front-end code available through Git-Hub
  • Ready made integrations with Saleslayer, Akeneo and more.

Empower your business and sales reps to sell easier, more and faster with features like:

  • Easy Bulk ordering
  • Sales Masquerading
  • Roles and permissions management
  • Quoting
  • Sales rep app & Merchant app
  • Sell B2B and B2C from one platform
  • 40 templates

App Features


The additional layer of user management is implemented on JMango360 B2B to allow management and definition of Company, Company Users, Sales Agent and various user roles to allow process flow of business ordering. This organisation structure is essential for large business customers who have multiple roles in the company to prepare orders, approve orders and monitor orders.


JMango360 B2B extends the core BigCommerce engine by creating additional layers of user management, product database and applying JMango360 mobile platform technology on top to create the customised user interface for mobile, tablet and desktop views.


B2B orders are quite different then consumer orders. While consumers order one item at a time and only for themselve, business consumers order products in different sizes, colors and options to resell in their stores. Easy bulk ordering options save a lot of time and frustration.


Merchants can create a quote or modify a buyer's request for quote.

Sales masquerading + sales rep app

Built into the JMango360 platform, we provide management of sales agents and roles that allow a number of companies to be assigned to a sales agent. The sales agent can subsequently masquerade as a company to place and manage orders on behalf of the company. Also available in a sales rep app version.

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  • Last updated:November, 16 2022
  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
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