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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.00/mo.

About the app

Most upsell apps use intrusive pop-up widgets that interrupt the buying experience and leave the customer feeling frustrated, which results in less revenue. However, Native Recommender gently upsells the customers without interrupting their buying experience, which results in more revenue and happier customers.

Native Recommender allows you to add upsells on your product pages / thank you pages with an eye-catching widget that display natively in your storefront and doesn't interrupt the buying experience.

Why Native Recommender?

  • We proud to be nominated as in top 3 APAC Growth solution for BigCommerce merchant 2021.
  • We continuos updating the app for new features, new conversion-tested recommendation templates, fix issue,...
  • We have a "forever free customization service" for any store.

Latest released (July 20th /2022)

Support install and use with Multi Storefront. New version update recommends for stores using Multi storefront


1. Provide powerful tools and methods to increase your AOV

  • Cross-selling (add more complementary products to cart)
  • Frequently bought together (Amazon style)
  • Related product recommendations
  • Quantity/ Volume upsell

These offers will be embedded directly on your storefront. Customers will think it's a native feature of your store.

2. Fully control where/when to upsell

  • When customers view a product (Product page)
  • When customers view their cart (Cart page)
  • When customers just finish their order (Thank-you page)

3. Fully control the Look & Feel of your upsell offers

  • Well researched pre-made templates that will suit all industries
  • Easy to customize the appearance of your offers (color, content, etc.) to match your brand
  • Works seamlessly with 99% of all BigCommerce themes
  • Super easy to setup. No coding or theme editing required

4. Built by marketers to serve marketers's needs

  • Super mobile friendly. Optimized for all devices, screen sizes
  • Automatically convert currency for your customers based on their location
  • Intuitive product variant selector
  • Addition sale boosters for your offer to increase CVS (countdown timer, cart scarcity, etc.)

5. Dedicated support and custom services

  • Live chat support 20 hours/day
  • Free custom services for our clients (this is what we are famous for)
  • Update app features based on client requests every month
  • Contact us via email: info@peasisoft.com
  • Contact us via telegram: https://t.me/linhlt311

See the app in action:

Explore how the app works in an example store:

Frequently bought together: "https://recommender-demo.mybigcommerce.com/funnel-sleeve-plaid-mens-t-shirt/"

App Features

Pre-Purchase upsell (Product & In-Cart Upsell)
  • Easy and possible to buy products when your customers are already purchasing relevant products at PRODUCT PAGE & CART-PAGE
  • Natively display in the Product page, never interrupt buying experience
  • Conversion-proven upsell template by Amazon
  • 1st in-cart upsell solution on BigCommerce
Frequently bought together (Bundle)
  • Conversion-proven concept (based on Amazon and Ebay)
  • According to Amazon, Frequently bought together usually brings more 15% conversion than the Related items section
Post-Purchase Cross-sell & Product Recommendation
  • The most safe place to show an offer. It will never have a bad impact on your checkout conversion rate, only make a better one.
  • High-converting offer templates that have undergone rigorous testing on high-volume BigCommerce stores.
Quantity Upsell
  • Offer volume discounts on quantity. Use quantity pricing to reward bulk orders using fixed amount or percentage price breaks + increase AOV
  • Flexible display of your quantity breaks and bulk discounts. Change calls to action, colours and more to match your discounts & theme
Intuitive Offer Builder
  • Easily customizable (no designer or developer needed)
  • Mobile-responsive and editable
  • Customize CSS (free service)

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.00/mo.


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