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    Monthly fee variable based on revenue generated. 30-day cancellation period included.

About the app

Upgrade your checkout experience to Rally, the only solution that combines a one-click checkout with post-purchase offers. You get a better conversion rate, with returning shoppers able to buy with one click. Enjoy a higher Average Order Value with post-purchase offers, which allow you to make offers after the checkout page.

Rally is not just a checkout button or a popup. Instead, Rally replaces your default checkout with a full checkout solution: the checkout page, post-purchase offer pages, and an order confirmation page.

How to get Rally?

  1. Click the Install button to begin the onboarding process here:
    1. If you're an existing Rally user, login to Rally dashboard here:
  2. Schedule an onboarding call with our team.
  3. Meet with our implementation team to get everything connected step by step.
  4. Go live in as quickly as 24 hours, depending on your tech stack.

To see Rally's checkout in action, visit Rally demo store on BigCommerce:

App Features

Full checkout solution

Your brand deserves more than just a popup or button. Rally is the only full-page checkout solution that entirely replaces your default checkout

One-click checkout with Rally Pay

Rally Pay ensures that shoppers never enter their info into a Rally checkout more than once. We securely vault shoppers across the Rally network so you'll benefit from shoppers going through any checkout in our network. It's like Shop Pay, but it works across all platforms and all payment processors.

Increase revenue by up to 12% with Rally’s unique Post-Purchase Offers

Make relevant offers to your shoppers after the checkout. Our unique post-purchase offers allow you to make additional offers in between the checkout and order confirmation pages. This means shoppers can easily add offers with one click, and you control which offers are shown from inside your Rally admin. You increase AOV without adding any buying friction. This is a game changer!

Works with your existing systems

Our deep integration with BigCommerce means all of your existing apps and workflows continue to work as they should, including with your existing payment processor. Rally injects orders into the BigCommerce backend properly to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Have confidence in your checkout partner

We've built a secure, reliable, and scalable checkout from a team that has processed over $2.5 billion with our previous checkout product including $300m in post-purchase revenue. Our team will make sure you're supported every step of the way. From opening your account, to testing, to launching your account and beyond as your business grows.

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  • Custom Price:
    Monthly fee variable based on revenue generated. 30-day cancellation period included.

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