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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.00/mo.

About the app

Use the 2Ship app to:

  • Bring in orders seamlessly from your BigCommerce store
  • Generate labels, customs documentation, pick tickets and more.
  • Eliminate the need for scales, measuring devices and ship stations with our smart packing algorithm.
  • Access all carriers and shipping services in one place.
  • Ship anything from a document to a full container.
  • Choose Same Day, Local, Rush Couriers to Worldwide.
  • Rate shop all available carriers and services in real-time - we have over 300 supported carriers!
  • Monitor everything from our mobile-friendly dashboard.
  • Choose from five different ways to manage Returns.
  • Get 24/7 access to your account across all devices;all you need is the Internet.

App Features

Rate Shop in Real Time and SAVE

Rate all your carriers and services in one place and in real time

  • See List rates and Your final negotiated rates with delivery dates and times
  • Select the best service for the best price every time you ship an order
  • Get additional service options from 2Ship when needed
  • From envelopes to full containers
  • Same day to international drop ship
  • Centralize it all and never overspend again
ONE Ship Screen

Centralize all your shipping activity with all carriers into a single ship screen

  • Across all shipping locations and users across the world
  • Ship an envelope or a full truck load with the same ease
  • All service options and features for any type of shipping
  • NO Next buttons and reloading of pages.
  • Select the ship screen that fits your level of expertise - Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
Eliminate the Ship Station

2Ship's packing algorithms are here to save you time and money

  • We calculate how to pack and ship every order to reduce the amount of "air" you ship
  • Based on
    • the products and quantities in the order
    • the weight and dimensions of each product
    • the packaging available at the shipping location
  • Eliminate the need for expensive scales and measuring devices
  • Get rid of the entire footprint of your ship stations by labeling each package at the packing stations
Advanced Shipping Features

2Ship comes loaded with smarts and advanced features for complex supply chains

  • Returns - 5 specialized return solutions from pre-authorized to embedded consumer return portals
  • Cross Zone / Border Consolidation - consolidate your cross zone/border orders to shorten the final mile
  • Aggregation - ship orders to the same customer as a single shipment
  • Partial Shipping - process and ship parts of an order at various times of the day and from various packing stations
  • Virtual Carriers - create your own service offering with up to 3 legs
  • Add inventory and pick and pack modules to run your warehouse operations
SAVE Time and Money

Our solution is all about reducing costs and improving efficiencies

  • Drastically cut your shipping costs by using the best service every time you ship
  • Save time by automating your shipping processes
  • Centralize all your shipping information in one place for real time reporting and tracking
  • Find non-delivered and late shipments with a click and Monitor carrier performance
  • Get more shipping services with competitive rates from 2Ship.
  • Ship Smarter and use a system that doesn't break the bank!

Case Studies

Please check our Case Studies page

Please check our Case Studies page that includes companies like Blackberry, Neopost, Passport Canada, Deloitte etc.

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.00/mo.


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