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About the app

Connector for the 4Psite cloud based order management system.

4Psite centralizes your BigCommerce stores, as well as other carts and channels, into one fully integrated order management system allowing for streamlined processes. You can perform all store operations through our system including shipping, dropshipping, inventory and purchasing management, CRM, listers and feeders, QuickBooks integration, and much more. Whether you process a few orders a day to a few thousand orders a day, our platform streams all of them.

Benefit from extensive features:

  • Multi stores & marketplaces integration
  • Automatically pull your store catalog
  • Auto-capture orders in real time
  • Ship/ Dropship orders and notify store on shipping confirmations
  • Capture funds automatically on shipping events
  • Inventory level updates feed back to Bigcommerce and other channels
  • Options and kits support
  • Other included features: built-in Fraud Alert Tool & CRM module, send automated notifications to your customers &/ or your team, advanced WMS & Purchasing management, Wholesale & manual orders support, Listers & Feeders for the main marketplaces and search engines, dozens of Reports for optimum business intelligence, feed orders & POs to QuickBooks and many more.
  • EDI integrations with top-tier vendors for dropshipping. and with markets like Lowe's, Home Depot & more

App Features

​Centralized & automated order management and fulfillment

4Psite is a fully integrated order management system that automatically pulls orders from your stores and channels into one simple interface. We support over 40 different carts and channels, a manual orders system, wholesale orders, and a basic POS system.

4Psite is equipped with a built-in shipping and label creation program, for efficient order fulfillment. A flexible, responsive shipping program allows ease of order adjustment for canceling, changing, or returning orders.In terms of dropshipping, you can automatically break down and transmit orders to fulfilment centers, and capture shipping and tracking information. You can assign items to vendors for automated dropship order fulfilment.

Inventory, Purchasing Management & WMS

4Psite's web-based central Inventory Manager allows you to have an accurate count of inventory for your items, based on incoming and outgoing orders, and sends inventory updates to all your channels.

Create and send purchase orders to your suppliers thanks to our efficient eProcurement solutions!The 4Psite WMS provides an efficient and accurate picking process, all the while tracking the storage of products in multiple locations (BINs).

Intelligence & Reports

4Psite offers an extensive and dynamic collection of reports to monitor KPI metrics (Key Performance Indicators), providing you with strategic financial and operational management information to effectively analyze and manage your business.4Psite's comprehensive Business Intelligence Center enhances the ability for smart and informed business decisions by helping you better your performance through diverse analytics, thus providing a competitive edge to your business.

Finances & QuickBooks

Manage your finances as a part of 4Psite's fully integrated cloud-based multi-channel order management system. Our system keeps track of all sales, returns, purchase orders to suppliers, and purchase orders to dropshippers. Consult our wide range of reports for optimum business intelligence & management. In addition to internal financial reports, 4Psite is also fully integrated with Quickbooks.

EDI services

4Psite elevates the service to e-retail customers with bi-directional EDI capabilities: connect with large Dropshippers that require EDI and/ or connect with leading Retail stores like Lowe's, Home Depot & more to grow your business.

Case Studies

Expanding to new sales channels

In addition to managing inventory for multiple warehouses in 4Psite and auto-routing the orders to fulfillment centers based on inventory and priority criteria, our long standing customer and distributor of sports and outdoor gear is constantly adding new sales channels.

From one to multiple warehouses

One of the businesses that 4Psite has been supporting for many years, selling furniture on multiple Amazon, Walmart and Houzz stores in addition to Jet, Overstock, Sears, NewEgg and Shopify decided to centralize all their orders, inventory and warehouse management.

Drop shipping automation

Selling interior decoration items on Shopify, Houzz and Amazon, our customer since 2016 fulfills orders entirely via drop shipping. Every item in their product catalog is assigned to a default drop shipper, and thus the fulfillment center is selected automatically for the incoming order line items.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $300.00/mo.


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