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Make bulk ordering quick and easy! This customization adds quantity boxes to each Product on the Category page, allowing customers to purchase multiple Products at once, all without leaving the Category page.

  • Allow customers to skip the Product page by ordering items straight from the category page
  • Simplify user experience
  • Encourage users to purchase more products
  • Give Wholesale and B2B customers a smoother experience
  • Works on Stencil and Blueprint BigCommerce Themes

This customization allows the customer to add multiple Products to the cart at once, saving time and making the buying process easier. It's perfect for wholesale customers who buy in bulk but it's also a great addition to any site where customers pick up multiple items in a single order.

Tailor your website's User Experience to your customer by implementing functionality to improve their experience:

  • Increase the Average Order Quantity
  • Allow customers to order quickly and efficiently
  • Let customers easily purchase many Products at once
  • Target wholesale and B2B customers

Work with the experts to add this feature functionality to your website in just a few days:

  • Seamless Integration - Thoroughly tested on all BigCommerce Themes
  • Quick Installation - Only 3-5 business days from start to finish
  • Expert Developers - Work directly with an Expert BigCommerce Developer
  • Fully Responsive - This solution will work on any sized device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc)
  • One Easy Payment - No monthly fee required.

Note that this customization will very likely include some Product Database work that will need to be completed by the merchant.

Have questions about this customization, need something similar but not this exactly, or need another custom solution for your specific needs on BigCommerce? No problem! We would love to answer your questions or create something new.

  • Get more information on this specific customization at
  • Visit our website at and send us a Contact Form with your inquiry.
  • Call us at (866) 843-4650 to speak with our team about your site needs.

Need slight tweaks to this customization? No problem, reach out and we can accommodate for your specific business practices and website needs.

Note on Implementation: Upon purchase, our developers will reach out to you and make arrangements to implement this customization directly on your website.

Thank you!

The IntuitSolutions Team

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