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About the app

3D and Augmented Reality are transforming online shopping; 6 out of 10 shoppers prefer to buy from retailers who use AR in their digital stores.

Avataar offers an out-of-the-box automated 3D and interactive AR solution for your ecommerce store that can help you increase conversions. Your customers can now view products from their phone camera in their real environment with life-like realism and choose the product that best fits their desired colour, finish, or size.

Avataar, the world's only out-of-the-box interactive AR company, has been creating AR experiences for leading brands all over the world. With us, you're one step closer to increasing revenue by improving the shopping experience of your customers.

App Features

Turnkey solution

Single click integration and go-live.

Life-size 3D and Interactive AR

Best-in-class 3D models that take your store into the consumer's space. AR interactions highlight product features.

Make camera the new homepage

Allow shoppers to review your products from every angle in real-time with the lowest load times. Uniform experience across devices/browsers.

2D to 3D catalog conversion

Automated 3D content creation using patented technology for best-in-class compression and lifelike rendition.

  • 94% increase in conversions
  • 60% improvement in cart visits
  • +4 minutes average engagement time

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  • Custom Price:
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