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About the app

Import, manage, and fulfill your orders and inventory with Boxstorm.
Manage your inventory from the cloud

Boxstorm is the perfect cloud-based inventory solution for SMB's. Its powerful features and capabilities streamline inventory management and give business owners more flexibility by allowing them to manage their inventory from any location, on any device.

Boxstorm is an online inventory management solution that you can access on any device through a Web browser. There's no software to download or server to maintain. Boxstorm integrates with dozens of business solutions and offers a wide range of tools, such as sales orders, purchase orders and more to help you effectively manage your inventory.

Stock Alerts

Create reorder points and alert levels for items in your inventory. When an item reaches the alert level, Boxstorm Ultimate will automatically notify you by text or email.


You can assign permissions to users by creating Permission Groups in Boxstorm and adding modules and individual features to the groups. This allows you to control what users can see and do within Boxstorm.

To take advantage of the automation between Boxstorm and BigCommerce you will need be on Boxstorm Ultimate. However, when on Forever Free you can still import and export the data between Boxstorm and BigCommerce.

App Features

Order import

Any orders made on BigCommerce will immediately reflect in you Boxstorm inventory with real-time integration. Once orders are in Boxstorm you can take advantage of the advanced inventory features Boxstorm offers, including reorder points, multiple locations, etc.

Inventory Update

Whether you are importing orders or doing manual inventory adjustments Boxstorm will automatically update you inventory quantities in BigCommerce. This helps eliminate overselling and keeps you stock levels clean and accurate.

Order Fulfillment

Once your BigCommerce orders are imported into Boxstorm you can complete the fulfillment process right within Boxstorm. This will allow you to either fully or partially fulfill each of the items. In addition to item fulfillment if you are integrated with our shipping provider you can purchase shipping labels and in turn those tracking numbers get sent back to BigCommerce along with the order fulfillment.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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