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About the app

Cerebra's AI-based decision-making technology platform tells retailers the story behind vast amounts of data and enables teams to slice and dice through all the data in one final view to turn opportunity into revenue. From merchandisers to marketers to external influencers, everyone knows exactly why your customers love your products, who to target, and what will resonate. We pair this with actionable insights that tell you the next steps about how to optimize products and market them more effectively, so you can accelerate and grow your business.

Cerebra gives marketing and merchandising teams the power to achieve the best outcomes using data-driven direction over guesswork.

App Features

Discover relevant keywords

Our technology extracts context and sentiment. We correlate the most-liked features and product uses with best-converting keywords to extract the most efficient ad content.

Competitive analysis

Discover your competition through the eyes of your customers. Learn how customers think about your brand in relation to your competition. Contrast how you talk about your product with how your competitors talk about their product.

Conversion Boost

Smartly spend your marketing budget by knowing which products and categories perform best (or worst) on which channels and in which campaigns. Then learn which strategies to yield to get even better conversion performance.

Future Trends

Determine whether newly launched products will be a success within the first couple of weeks or which products have the potential to become trending.

Customer Retention

Find out which customers are always ready to buy, nurture your brand ambassadors, and make sure to win back customers who are at risk of churn with engagement.

Case Studies

Case Study: Global Retail

Global retailer expands to new international market with Cerebra data-driven merchandising

Case Study: Re-engage churning customers

Luxury retail company re-engages churning VIP customers and decreases discount sales with Cerebra decision intelligence

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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