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About the app

DCKAP Integrator - Cloud Rapid Automation System - simplifies all aspects of Digital Commerce Integrations and helps you to sell smarter, better, and faster.

DCKAP Integrator is a cloud-operated middleware that takes the wheel and automates integrations with systems like ERP, CRMs, and PIMs with your BigCommerce Storefront. We specialize in systems like Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Eclipse, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Distribution One, and DDI Inform, to name a few.

As a platform-agnostic tool, DCKAP Integrator has helped in successfully automating the overall experience for many customers using ERP systems, CRMs like Salesforce, and with numerous other systems integrations.

  • Epicor Prophet 21

DCKAP Integrator is the industry specialist and has consolidated volumes of data and connected entities such as orders, inventory, customer detail, office order integration and dynamic pricing updates. By integrating Epicor P21 with BigCommerce using DCKAP Integrator, we have helped customers achieve increased productivity, improved sales, and higher profits.

  • Distribution One

DCKAP Integrator has successfully steered over a thousand data synchronizations between Distribution One and BigCommerce. With DCKAP Integrator' advanced modifiers and automated synchronizations, all customer information, pricing data, orders and inventory are integrated accurately to facilitate efficient data management and improved customer experiences.

  • SAP Business One

DCKAP Integrator offers a versatile and competent integration platform and maintains a single source of truth for all information by integrating inventory, customers, finances, and orders between SAP B1 and BigCommerce systems. With automated synchronization and advanced logging, getting quick results and attaining complete data control has never been easier.

How Does It Work?

Integrate your applications in just 3 simple steps:

  • Provide Necessary Credentials
  • Define Your Flow of Integration
  • Automate Your Integration

How Does DCKAP Integrator Differ From Other Integration Solutions/Connectors?

DCKAP Integrator is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and scalable and these are the major factors that set us apart from other connectors. DCKAP Integrator provides a simple elegant intuitive interface to take care of the integrations.

Customized Solutions For Your integration

We understand every business is different and has unique requirements. We customize our application to support these business needs. Save on costs and delegate the time-consuming task of integration to DCKAP Integrator, so you can stay focused on your business.

Questions? Contact us at info@dckap.com. We're happy to speak with you!

App Features

Seamless Integration
  • Cloras logically queues the data to make sure that information is not lost in the process. The data is sent only when the ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms are ready to accept the data.
  • Let Cloras do all the work while you efficiently monitor the data flow.
Plug & Play
  • Integrating a datapoint should be almost as simple as creating an account with any website. It reduces the complications when adding new integrations.
  • Cloras helps your developers to focus on implementing new features instead of integrations. Almost all configurations are customizable, helping us to integrate any endpoint faster instead of duplications (DRY Principle).
Secured Transactions
  • Cloras focuses on the speed and security during integration transactions. It makes the integration possible between data points, with the respective secured data flow method provided.
  • All the key data stored in Cloras is encrypted and only the respective owners can access it. We apply strategic best practices to make transactions faster.
Advanced Mapping & Modifiers
  • Cloras helps you to easily map data fields between the integration entities. You no longer need to depend on developers to control the data that flows in and out of your systems.
  • With modifiers, you can accomplish much more. You can maintain all complex business logic associated with each mapping. In other words, no more hard-coding!
Automatic Synchronization
  • You can set up synchronization using our user-friendly, intuitive interface and quickly change it based on your business requirements.
  • Don't want to wait for the scheduled sync? There's always an option to manually sync.

Case Studies

Customer Stories - Cathy's Concepts

Our CLORAS team, comprised of expert integration specialists, promptly set up our CLORAS solution to Cathy's Concepts on time and in perfect shape to their team. The integration of their BigCommerce store and Distribution One ERP not only solved their hectic problems related to data and workflow management but also helped them boost sales and revenue by speeding up their business processes, thereby fulfilling orders and other customer requests at speeds and efficiency much higher than what they had pre-integration.

Customer Stories - ASG Jergens

CLORAS solution specialists and integration experts heard pain points and requirements mentioned by the ASG team and immediately came up with the best solution considering their business scenario: BigCommerce – P21 Integration using CLORAS. The DCKAP team gave a short demonstration with our middleware CLORAS, and the ASG team understood how simple and straightforward it would be to set up and roll out their BigCommerce P21 Integration. Within a couple of month's time, our team came up with a fully implemented BigCommerce P21 Integration with all their data connected in real-time.

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  • Custom Price:
    Based on requirements


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