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About the app

Digital River's Global Seller Services app is a complete checkout solution that simplifies global payments, taxes, fraud and compliance for your BigCommerce store. By eliminating risk and complexity, Digital River enables you to focus on what you do best while accelerating global expansion and growing revenue. We do this through our merchant of record business model where we shoulder the financial and legal responsibilities of selling.

With over 25 years of ecommerce experience, companies of all sizes benefit from Digital River's global scale and expertise. This app is essential for companies looking to enter new global markets and configure their BigCommerce store locales with the right local payment methods, language, and currency. This is the only app you'll need for payments, taxes, fraud, and compliance.

With the Digital River app, BigCommerce maintains all pricing and product data while Digital River maintains all financial and legal requirements. The app includes Digital River's Drop-in payment integration which automates local payment methods and security requirements while securely collecting of shopper payment details. The app natively collects the necessary information needed to facilitate display of the appropriate terms of sale and other compliance requirements, while its fraud beacon does its job to protect you from emerging fraud tactics and attacks.

App Features

Grow ecommerce revenue while minimizing risk

As the merchant of record, Digital River takes on the financial and legal responsibilities of selling online worldwide. This way you can focus on creating great customer experiences while offloading the risk and complexity of global commerce to our experts.

Optimize conversions with a localized checkout

Improve customer experiences and conversion rates by localizing your online checkout with the payment methods and currencies that global shoppers prefer. Our payments network includes 26 local acquirers and connections to top payment providers including Adyen, Fiserv, FIS, Ingenico, and Worldline. This multi-acquirer network enables to gain The Onshore Advantage™ of higher authorization rates and better customer experiences.

Simplify global tax management

Remove the complexity and risk of managing global taxes. As the merchant of record, Digital River calculates, files, and remits global taxes. No need to scale up your operations to keep up with complex and changing global tax laws.

Protect your business from non-compliance risk

Protect your business from fines, fees, prosecution, and damaged brand reputation. As merchant of record, Digital River shields your business from risk by complying with global regulations such as PCI, SOC2, PSD2, GDPR, and CCPA. It's hard to put a price on this level of protection.

Fight fraud and recover revenue

You get 24/7 protection from transactional fraud with our team of global experts and the industry's most comprehensive, real-time fraud prevention technology. Digital River screens up to 400,000 transactions a day and serves leading brands.

Case Studies

iZotope partners with Digital River to increase revenue & expand global growth

iZotope focuses on music production and offers solutions for mixing and mastering audio, creative effects and audio post-production for film, broadcast, video and new media. They originally worked with a small ecommerce partner, but scalability proved to be challenging and speed to market was too slow to keep up with their global business. By partnering with Digital River, iZotope was able to accelerate both their channel expansion and global growth.

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  • Custom Price:
    Custom Pricing : Monthly Fee + Transaction Fees

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