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About the app


Sell on Facebook & Google made easy with Socialshop!

Socialshop is a budget-friendly solution to Create, Sync and Optimize your product feeds on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop.

It's high time you gain an edge over your competitors on social channels. Once and for all!

Seamless and error-free onboarding

  • Connect and create Facebook shop at ease right in-app. No risks involved.
  • 1-click sync +10,000 SKUs to Google, Facebook, and Instagram using API.
No coding required

Set and Rest! Set up one time across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop and everything else will be handled automatically, no need for a technical or coding team.

Skyrocket sales on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop

The multichannel selling competition is getting more fierce than ever! If you want to win two dominant channels - Google Shopping & Facebook Shop, make sure your Product Feeds stand out from others. Socialshop is here to help you optimize all Feeds to the fullest!

Top-notch customer service tea

If you need help with anything, please reach our FREE and FAST Customer Support team by Email or Live-chat. We're more than happy to help you deal with any problem that you might run into

Centralized store management

Having more than 1 store? No problem. Create your Socialhead account for once, then take full control over multiple stores and Product Feeds across Google Shopping and Facebook Shop without channel hopping.

+100,000 merchants worldwide have joined us, will you?

Channels that we support

Google Shopping

Instagram Shop

Facebook Shop

Integrated with (Our Official Partners):

Avada SEO

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App Features

Sync up to 10,000 SKUs in minutes

Only a few clicks to sync all products from BigCommerce to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop using API, whether you have one or ten thousand items. Create and manage all product feeds in one centralized dashboard.

Automatic Feed Update

Pick a scheduled time and Socialshop will automatically sync your product feed to Google Merchant Center, Facebook Catalog. Set and rest!

Customize Feeds for higher conversion

Fully edit & optimize Google and Facebook data fields - up to 84 fields such as product title, color, size, and so on.

Improve feed quality with data-specific suggestions

We score Facebook & Google feed on a 100-scale then give detailed instructions for improvements (based on Facebook & Google Shopping product feed guidelines).

Filter specific products for the best-performing Feed

Exclude/ include specific products by rules or by manual, to make sure your Feeds target the right customers on Sales Channels.

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.90/mo.


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