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Make it easier for your customers to spend more with this Amazon-inspired upselling feature. This customization display related or bundled Products in a "Frequently Bought Together" upsell feature. Customers can add additional Products right to their cart along with base Product.

You control which Products include this feature, and which Products are available as an upsell. Customers can add all of the Frequently Bought Together Products to their cart at once, or select the specific Products they want to bundle.


  • Upsell and cross-selling feature
  • Sell bundled Products or accessories, like batteries for a flashlight


  • One-click "Add All to Cart" upsell
  • Customers easily choose which upsell Products to buy
  • Can be used on Products with multiple Options
  • Lets customers purchase "frequently bought together" Products from a single Product page
  • Only apply feature to Products you choose


  • Quick Installation (1-3 Business Days)
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile-Friendly
  • Works on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint)
  • Added by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

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