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About the app

Get Started with Server-Side Event Tracking for GA4 Today

With ad blockers becoming more prevalent, it is critical that brands start tracking purchases in GA4 via server-side technologies. Server-side event tracking can be complex and expensive with other apps. But not Fueled. Within 10 minutes of installing our app, you can be tracking your most important events server-side — without writing any code.

Fueled's GA4 tag connector also sends point-of-sale and recurring order events to Google Analytics 4. Track all of your BigCommerce orders in GA4, regardless of the sales channel.

Why Trust Your Google Analytics Integration with Fueled?

We understand how confusing it can be to reconcile attribute metrics between platforms. We know how critical it is for merchants to measure performance and build campaigns around data they can trust.

Fueled's GA4 attribution model is fully transparent. Fueled's server-side event tracking is highly reliable. And our client-side event tracking can be customized to meet your specific Google Analytics requirements.

Does Fueled Provide Support?

Yes! Fueled knows the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 can be challenging for eCommerce brands — and we want to give back to this community.

Make Better Decisions with Accurate Data

Fueled's Google Analytics 4 tag integration combines client-side event tracking with server-side event tracking for the most reliable attribution model possible. We track a dozen different customer event types so that you can drill down on your data in GA4 and build precise reports.

App Features

Easy, No-Code Install

Start tracking over a dozen different event types in GA4 within minutes. No coding required. Customizable.

Track Point of Sale and Subscription Events

Track every purchase, including phone orders, POS and recurring orders, via our server-side event integration.

Take Advantage of Google Signals

Fueled's GA4 Attribution Suite app sends both client-side and server-side events on behalf of our merchants. We push clean, accurate data to Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API. We also integrate with Google's new Signals product, which enriches your attribution events with additional demographic data and leverages machine-learning for enhanced attribution matching.

Respect Your Customers' Tracking Consent

Fueled fully integrates with BigCommerce's tracking consent features for attribution scripts. When your customers ask not to be tracked, Fueled respects those settings for all client-side events.

Fully Customizable with Tracking Library and Data Layer

Do you have a custom BigCommerce theme? Do you want to track custom events in GA4? Fueled's client-side library is available for your developers to configure custom events. You can also leverage our data layer to send consistent data to other applications, such as Facebook's Conversion API.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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