Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

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Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

Advertise your products on the largest search engine in the world to attract qualified shoppers with high purchase intent.

The Google Shopping app utilizes your existing product information to generate a Product Data Feed in your Google Merchant Center account. It's super easy with feed creation being automated by our app.

How does it work?

  • Launch the app
  • Connect to your Merchant Center account
  • That's it!

The app automatically begins building your Product Feed, and with an approved feed in Merchant Center you can tackle Google Shopping head on.

This app comes fully equipped with a slew of extra features:

  • Feed Dashboard: Displays feed stats and allows you to sync your feed with Merchant Center when you update your store
  • Error Reporting: Diagnostics provide an overview of feed errors such as missing data and prioritizes vital attributes in need of correction
  • Add/Remove: See which products are missing from your feed and add and/or remove products from your product feed one at a time or in bulk
  • Google Categories:Improve the quality of your product data by dynamically mapping your products to their respective Google Product Categories (Required for Apparel/Accessories)
  • Custom Mapping: Take unique attributes from your BigCommerce store and dynamically map them to Google-approved feed attributes

Want perfect Google Shopping campaigns?

For only $20/month, use the app-exclusive Auto Campaign Creator to connect to your AdWords account, set your daily budget and location targeting, and have ideally-structured Google Shopping campaigns built for you, completely hands-free:

  • Campaigns: (2) Google Shopping campaigns, Primary and Catch-All, will be created in your AdWords account automatically
  • Management: Weekly automated bid updates are performed using our profitability-driven Bid Suggestion Engine
  • Reporting: Top-level performance stats for your Google Shopping campaigns are reported right within your own Dashboard


Access full app documentation and tutorials at any time or contact our expert team of E-Commerce and Google Shopping specialists for additional support.

Client Reviews (1)

BEST GOOGLE FEED APP HERE! about 11 days ago by
launched the app and our feed was done in just a few moments. i was also able to review my errors and set up google categories. love it already. highly recommended!