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Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

The Google Shopping app utilizes your existing product information to automatically generate a Product Data Feed in your Google Merchant Center account.

Processing Over 2000 Feeds With Over 9 MILLION Products Approved in Merchant Center!

Free Onboarding Support

Already on Google Shopping? Using the Legacy feed for your BigCommerce store?

  • We're here to help! 100% Free onboarding support and feed transitioning including Product ID Matching
Contact our team via In-App Live Chat, phone or email!

Special Offers!

Want to take your Google Shopping campaigns entirely new heights? Find out more about special, premium upgrade options!

Visit to schedule a call and learn how you can receive your first month of DIY Full Access ABSOLUTELY FREE!

How does it work?

  • Launch the app
  • Connect to your Merchant Center account or create a new one right in the app
  • Verify & Claim your website URL (if you have yet to do so)
  • We start syncing your products immediately
  • We'll build your feed of up to 250,000 products for you and return any errors/issues in the reporting
  • Up to 250,000 products free (additional pricing for over 250k products. Please contact for more information).


  • Feed Dashboard: Displays feed stats and allows you to sync your feed with Merchant Center when you update your store
  • Error Reporting: Diagnostics provide an overview of feed errors such as missing data and prioritizes vital attributes in need of correction
  • Modify Products: Write rules for applying the required attributes Gender and Age Group for retailers who sell apparel and accessories.
  • Add/Remove: See which products are missing from your feed and add and/or remove products from your product feed one at a time or in bulk
  • Google Categories:Improve the quality of your product data by dynamically mapping your products to their respective Google Product Categories (Required for Apparel/Accessories)
  • Custom Mapping: Take unique attributes from your BigCommerce store and dynamically map them to Google-approved feed attributes
  • Google Settings: Set up your Shipping & Tax configurations at the account level with support for VAT taxes as well. Link your AdWords account to create campaigns.

Want perfect Google Shopping campaigns?

For only $20/month, use the app-exclusive Easy Campaign Creator to connect to your AdWords account, set your daily budget and location targeting, and have ideally-structured Google Shopping campaigns built for you, completely hands-free:

  • Campaigns: (2) Google Shopping campaigns, Primary and Catch-All, will be created in your AdWords account automatically
  • Management: Weekly automated product syncs are performed to keep your campaigns up-to-date with any changes made to your feed and/or store
  • Reporting: Top-level performance stats for your Google Shopping campaigns are reported right within your own Dashboard


Access full app documentation and tutorials at any time or contact our expert team of E-Commerce and Google Shopping specialists for additional support.

  • In-App Live Chat: 9AM-6PM EST US
  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 538-4594 9AM-6PM EST US


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a product advertising campaign type within Google AdWords. It requires that you have an approved feed, linked Merchant Center with AdWords, and have created campaigns to run ads with.

Why do I see feed errors/issues?

All advertisers are required to follow Google's Product Feed Specifications for Merchant Center. Should you have missing or incorrect product data or issues in your Merchant Center account, the app will return those errors so that you may correct them in your store or MC account.

Does the app create Shopping campaigns?

In its base form, no. Initial use of the app is only for the creation of your feed in Merchant Center, feed/product error diagnosis, and select feed modification options.

You will need to upgrade to Easy Campaign Creator for Shopping campaign creation.

What about managing campaign settings?

With Easy Campaign Creator, within the app you will be able to:

  • Enable, Pause, Remove Shopping Campaigns
  • Adjust Location Targeting Settings
  • Adjust Daily Budget
  • Review Top-Level Campaign Performance Stats
The app performs weekly product syncs for adding new products to campaigns. Bidding and management otherwise for your campaigns will have to be performed manually in AdWords.

Client Reviews (59)

Quality program and service about 4 days ago by
Great support easy to use
Awesome Support for Newbies! about 15 days ago by
We installed the Google Shopping app and within about a week got our over 8,000 products active in the Google Merchant Center with the help Anthony and Robert at Sales & Orders! We had to jump a few hurdles along the way to get things approved with Google but they helped each step along the way and this is all with the free version still. We look forward to really turbo boosting this with the available upgrades :)
Great help, smooth transition. about 19 days ago by
Anthony walked me through the process and it was simple and painless - thank you!
Tremendous Help about 21 days ago by
Scott from Sales & Orders has helped me out so much. I had a problem with my products on Google Merchant Center. Google was disapproving my products. I could not understand why. So Scott was able to call Google and was able to resolve the issue. Now, I'm up and running. Thank you very Scott. I greatly appreciate your help and expertise. -Alex
Amazing Tech Support about 21 days ago by Claude Attia
I am very impressed with the technical support I have received from Tony and Richard, they have gone way beyond to help the feeds get accepted through google, they took the time to dig in, and didn't stop until everything was fixed! I Highly recommend this company as they are truly interested in your success! Keep it going and a special Thanks to Tony!
Amazing! about 28 days ago by
The switch to Sales & Orders was seamless! So easy to do...and I admit I was dreading dealing with anything re: google shopping. I had a quick question about changing my feed, so I posted it to chat via Big Commerce. Within minutes, I was on the phone with a real-life person (Scott), he was editing my feed and sending it to google. He asked a couple of questions to be sure he got it perfect for me and voila! I'm excited about digging deeper into what they can do for me on a paid plan!
Great migration and support about 1 month ago by Admin
Jumped onto Sales & Orders after Google made a change to their feed settings. Anthony handled our product feed and got everything returned to business as usual extremely quickly and with great communication. He even went the extra mile and was able to get some important custom labels back up and running. Would certainly recommend Sales & Orders.
Great support from Bryan about 1 month ago by
Very helpful support from Bryan - even on a Saturday :-)
Easy Set Up - Great Team to Work With! about 1 month ago by David
We were using the discontinued Google feed and needed to change over. Sales and Orders handled the transition with complete ease and professionalism. I am looking forward to working with them as we continue to tweak our current and plan our future campaigns.
Anthony is extremely helpful! about 1 month ago by
Anthony is extremely helpful and made migrating seamless and painless. When I had issues or confusions or questions, he was available to help me on live chat or email. This is UNHEARD OF in a free product. Thanks Anthony you're the best!
Awesome Customer service by Brian about 1 month ago by
Brian is a low key dude that does the best servicing on the block
Great Service by Anthony! about 1 month ago by
Great service by Anthony! Also great product so far!
Awesome app and customer service!!! about 1 month ago by
Shout out to Anthony for great customer service! He helps streamlining the feed to Merchant Center flawlessly.
Great App & Support about 1 month ago by
A great app that takes a lot of the headache out of managing your Shopping Feed. And the support is always instant and TOP NOTCH. Highly recommend this app and company. Great work guys.
Excellent Support about 1 month ago by
The team behind this app went above and beyond in helping me sort through issues. Couldn't have had a better experience.
Great product Great customer service about 1 month ago by
Bryan is very helpful. Help me to setup the google product feed just in mins. Works perfect. Great customer service and great product. Will give 10 star if there is an option.
Great customer service! about 1 month ago by
Had Anthony assist us with a product sync issue and he resolved it within minutes. S&O makes things much easier for us
He's the man, and it's the app about 1 month ago by
Anthony was great in making sure we got set up properly with the transition. I just remember it being a painful process upon switching vendors in the past, but he and the rest of the team at S&O have made it very easy this time around. I guess you could say, he's the man. :)
Great All and brilliant support about 1 month ago by
Anthony from S&O was super helpful in setting up the legacy Google Shopping options for my app, since i didn't include colour in my option sets. Everything is flowing through to my feed perfectly now, it's a really great tool. Will be purchasing a proper subscription shortly
Great App and Support about 1 month ago by
We have only been using the app for about 2 weeks now, but it has been fantastic so far. We had one glitch with our Shopping feed that fed every product in our store to Merchant Center whether we had the product set to feed Shopping or not. The support team remedied immediately and within minutes the feed was 100% perfect. The ability to Chat from within the app while in the BigCommerce dashboard is nice. VERY happy. A+ for the Sales & Orders app and their quick tech support.
Great App about 1 month ago by
Great app. Tony was extremely helpful and made sure the transition from our old feed to the new one was seamless. The new feed followed the same structure as our old one which meant the ID's stayed the same and we were able to continue using our existing Google Shopping campaigns.
Great Support about 1 month ago by
Initially worried as their system imports child SKUs only and doesn't differientiate between products checked and unchecked for google shopping in bigcommerce inventories. Support staff instantly change some settings in their backend to solve both these problems, meaning that essentially within a few minutes, you feed is back to how you knew it with the in-built google shopping feed (discontinued by google on 20th March, 2018)
Perfect about 1 month ago by Adam Porat
Working perfectly. Support staff really went over and above to assist with the setup.
Great Support about 1 month ago by
Anthony has been helping me via chat with getting our old Google Shopping Feed to their system and has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that is in need of integrating with google shopping.
Great support about 1 month ago by
Bryan was really helpful in ensuring our feed had the correct settings and information in order to get us back working again. Thank you.
Easy to Use App with Seamless Integration about 1 month ago by
Google Shopping by Sales & Orders is an important app for your Big Commerce store if you want to sell online successfully. Image driven sales through Google Shopping is the best way to grab and pull in new customers. Anthony Capetola from Google Shopping by Sales & Orders helped me integrate my shopping feed quickly, successfully with no effort by me or my staff. This is the way all app companies should operate. A+ for successful online sales and ease of use. Thank you.
Super Support about 1 month ago by
Initial set up was very easy, but appeared to come up with product sync issues with mis-matched IDs. Quick email to Support set up a chat with Anthony who resolved everything quickly. Anthony even scheduled chat help outside usual hours since I'm in Aust and almost opposite timezones. Thanks Anthony!
Great app! about 1 month ago by
Love this app. Works great for us so far. I would recommend it. I personally worked with their customer service and Anthony was really responsive and helped fix and answer my questions as we are new at google shopping.
Great tech support about 1 month ago by
Thanks to Scott and James for onboarding conversations, getting my site errors fixed, and setting up campaigns to generate more traffic. Great follow-up communication and customer service! I recommend this App!
Feed Connection about 1 month ago by
We have been working with Tony and he has been on it from top to bottom and side to side. Excellent communication via email and chat. The feed is almost there. A few snafus between BC and Google having some issues yesterday and today but it should work fine. We will be looking into the paid service portion but just need to get this feed to Google at 95-100% first. Great service and an easy to use app is a huge bonus. You won't be disappointed. We appreciate all of the help from Tony and company.
Big Commerce Solution to shopping feed. Great Support about 1 month ago by
Just like everyone that has a BC store, we got the news about the native shopping feed being kaput as of 3 -20 -18. Glad that Sales & Orders solution was there for us. We were not looking forward to figuring out a new way to get our shopping feed up and running. After a phone call, and quick install at the start of the month we got step 1 done quite easily. A week before the deadline I got on their support chat with Anthony and next thing I knew had an email that we were up and running. It looks like there are a lot of features that may help us take better advantage of the feed and maybe even save some money. Thanks Anthony, and Thanks sales and orders shopping feed. Looks like a good solution and we look forward to learning about all the new features available now.
All in one solution about 1 month ago by
One less thing I have to manage outside of big com. Love it!
Amazing Customer Support about 1 month ago by
We've used a few different tools for Google Shopping in the past with varying degrees of success and issue - especially on the support side of things - so we were definitely intrigued by all of the rave reviews with this service. We've certainly lucked out for once - this is no joke. Getting started was easier than anything we've tried before this and the moment I had a question - Tony was there in the chat window instantly. It's not always easy to communicate effectively through a chat app but he was patient and made sure he understood my needs fully and that I was completely set before we ended our chat. Excellent partners are needed for success and it is clear that the Sales & Orders team know it too. They actually care about their network and back it up by taking the steps to make sure we know it! Top Marks! Thanks again Tony.
Easy setup! about 1 month ago by
Popped over and setup while watching Google shopping webinar. Much simpler than original experience trying to connect feed (which is going away from BC).
It's free AND has great customer support?!?!? about 1 month ago by
Amazing... Merchant Center is complicated enough with their approval/disapproval process of items being very obscure... I hit up Sales and Orders chat, was instantly greeted, and they solved a complex attribute mapping issue for me in very short order. Awesome.
Great Support about 1 month ago by
These guys are fantastic... They helped me by quickly setting up my feed and walked me though the whole process of eliminating all errors that appeared in the Merchant Center.
Support about 1 month ago by
I had a few issues setting up my feed, but Bryan from support was super helpful and now, hopefully has it fixed with no tedious tasks needed from me. Thank you so much for helping me to get this to work.
Amazing Support about 1 month ago by
Had a couple of queries during setup, but Tony walked us through those. Great support guys - thank you
GREAT APP! BEST SUPPORT! about 1 month ago by Anne Leveugle
first off, great app and great team. after reading one or two of the reviews at first we werent sure but the app worked perfectly out of the box for us - We wanted to make a few changes to the feed so we contacted their support on live chat and they helped us right a way they went over some of the premium plans, but everything was just optional upgrades on top of the free app if we wanted them - didn't feel pressured to go with anything
If only the sw was as good as the support... about 1 month ago by Gregg Gittins
Tony has gone above and beyond. The guys at S&O work and respond in internet time -- not just 9-5 in a time zone different than mine. Support is top notch. Software has some problems, (S&O does not read RULES pricing and therefore sends the options information incorrectly, and BC has a bug that doesn’t populate the price to SKUs via CSV import, so Google complains that the crawl prices doesn’t match the options prices. Also, checkbox to send to Google shopping doesn’t work under Product Details or GPS Enabled using CSV—have to use S&O’s app to turn off and on products in the feed.) But, with this type of excellent support from S&O, I'm willing to stick with them even with the software problems. If S&O’s dev team are half as responsive as Tony and the tech support guys, the software will be fixed in no time.
Great customer service about 1 month ago by
We had some problems setting up the feed, but Anthony on the chat was a great help and fixed the problems within minutes. There are some settings a user can't configure w/o help from support (like using the Google shopping settings from the product details), but it's easy to reach support to get things sorted out.
Excellent Customer Service about 1 month ago by
Anthony was extremely helpful in getting me set up. Very attentive and response service. Highly recommend.
So Far so Good about 1 month ago by
Everything seems to work fine. I was very happy with the service I received from the team - Candace, Eric and Bryan. I want specifically mention Bryan. I had some issues with my feed and he was there, late at night, helping me and literary making problems go away. He was very friendly, funny yet professional and understanding. Thank you so much! Julia
Great App! Great Customer Service! about 1 month ago by
The team at Sales and Orders are very knowledgeable, patient and really helpful! They called me to help get things all set up and have even spent the time to educate me on Google Adwords. I am looking forward to working with them and then upgrading the account to the next level!
Worked out about 1 month ago by
Install was super easy. For A couple days my part numbers didn’t match pictures. Problem turned out to be at Google. Tech support from these guys was great. All ok now.
Alls Great Here!!! about 1 month ago by Joe Waggott
Really great team at Sales&Orders, have had absolutely no issues with on-boarding with our shopping feed and have even subscribed to one of their fully managed plans. Great support team as well, issues resolved in minutes with chat. We feel confident that with the investment, we will start getting the results, great reporting tools, bringing Ad-words, Merchant Centre and Analytics all into one place makes decision making easy. Would definitely recommend.
Not fit for purpose, yet.... about 1 month ago by
When compared to the product which is being discontinued this performs very poorly for us and is hard to configure for optimal results. Colour fields do not transfer for none variant products and the feed is not as comprehensive so we are unable to modify titles etc from within merchant centre using our previously configured fields.... this may be resolved by the new title editor, but at $20 per month to achieve something which was free before and the additional $20 they seem to want for the basic Adwords connector, this can quickly add up to more than we pay BigCommerce. It may be good to have a free trial? and also the option to see the demo without having to schedule a time for this as well? Support is OK but slow, especially when you are out of their timezone... give it a go, it may work for you and the old solution is going anyway, but unless things change quickly we will have to look elsewhere.
Things are looking up! (updated review) 2 months ago by
The old shopping feed app worked perfectly, but Google cancelled their support for it so we had to find an alternative. This was suggested by BigCommerce. We have several issues with it up front, but apparently they are making some changes to make it integrate better with BigCommerce. They were able to clear up a few of the issues right away, and more "fixes" are apparently incoming within the next few weeks. Initially rated 2 stars. Upped it to 3 stars thanks to the support of their team getting certain things sorted out. Once they apply the last few "fixes" in the coming weeks, we will likely consider it 4 or 5 stars. Will check back in a few weeks...
Best Support 2 months ago by
Initially I found this app/interface quite difficult to use and ran into a few issues during the start, however, James and Scott were phenomenally helpful in getting me off the ground. The easy campaign creator is well worth the spend to get started at $20USD, happy with what I've seen so far and will move forward to the $100 a month plan. The customer service stands out for me - great to have someone take you through each step of the way.
Amazing results 2 months ago by
The whole team at Sales&Orders is extremely professional. I was skeptical at first as I haven't worked with Google shopping before, but I am seeing results so fast it is actually incredible! A special shout out to Seth, Candace, and Kevin at Sales&Orders for setting me up, guiding me through the process and making sure I get the most from my plan! The entire team has listened to and answered any an all questions I threw at them! Very impressed. In my first 1-2 weeks I've seen a boost in sales with minimal ad spend! Switching to a fully managed plan to get the best out of Sales&Orders! Can't wait for future results!
5-Star Review 2 months ago by
I love these guys! They are SO awesome and have been so helpful with everything! I look forward to working and growing with them!
$1200 and it doesn't work 2 months ago by
As others have commented this is not fit for purpose. Colour, Age, Gender do not translate. No control over which categories are mapped and where. Constantly having to uninstall and reinstall as well. Bigcommerce is the only major platform without a built in connector to Google Shopping. Add a $1200 price tag to get a feed that may work, Shopify are loving this marketing coup.
Easy App/ Great Service 3 months ago by
This app was easy to set up and the team was great helping with any questions I had.
Great App 3 months ago by
Sales & Orders is great! I have no errors anymore. Also, I am using their $20 per month automatic Google Adwords app and my conversion have skyrocketed while my costs have dropped dramatically. I'm a very happy customer!
Finally! MORE CONVERSIONS! 3 months ago by
The Sales & Orders feed tool has helped grow our sales tremendously. With our previous feed tool we couldn’t create variant products, and were missing out on a lot of business. Now our inventory has exploded, and we’ve seen a huge uptick in site traffic and sales coming from Google shopping. Very easy to set up and manage, and great support from the Sales & Orders team.
Good Follow Up Cust. Service 4 months ago by CTP...COM
This app stopped working but the customer service team at Sales & Orders contacted me and fixed the issue.
Good App + Good Team!!! 4 months ago by
We tried this app for a couple of months now and it worked well for us. It took a little longer to launch properly but the team have been super supportive, helpful and hands-on. The speed of updating changes has also been improved since the beginning. Now when we launch new products, all we need to do is to add/remove the ones we want to have enabled for google shopping. It's really simple to use. Definitely recommend for google shopping beginners. ; )
Bad app 5 months ago by
I tried this for 3 weeks and got only 10 clicks and no sales.
BEST GOOGLE FEED APP HERE! 6 months ago by
launched the app and our feed was done in just a few moments. i was also able to review my errors and set up google categories. love it already. highly recommended!