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Google Shopping helps businesses like you tap into the power of customer intent to reach the right people with relevant products ads, when it matters the most. With Google Shopping, put your product images, price, and business name right in front of people searching on Google, no matter what device they're using.

This app helps you save time and extra work by using your existing BigCommerce account to automatically submit data to fuel your Google Shopping campaigns. With just a few clicks, your product data is populated in your feed to show on Google -- helping you reach millions of new customers searching for what you sell.


  • Minimize workload and go-to-market time: Use the product information you already have in BigCommerce without needing to create separate files to submit to Google
  • Data accuracy: Continuously import fresh data from your store on BigCommerce without any additional work
  • Follow the prompts to create a new Merchant Center account, or link your existing standalone account. We do not support multi-client accounts.

Client Reviews (6)

Google Shopping APP PROBLEM about 1 month ago by
We added this app, and everything seems to work just fine except that the app uploads our products every day. Google says that it needs 3 days to crawl our product photos. Since our products start over every day, google never crawls the photos and our products are never listed on google shopping. We ca n not find any way to solve this problem.
Too many issues and no support 3 months ago by
We have had multiple issues with this app! Without going into the initial problems... what we're left with is over 10% of our skus are not showing up in merchant center and therefor not being advertised. We have examined the individual products and compared them with similar products that are working properly however there are no visible differences. Support has not been helpful at all, unable to resalve anything to do with this app besides the very initial integration. It seems they moved to fast with something they don't understand themselves. It's a shame, ideally we would like to be able to use Bigcommerce rather than a 3rd party software but Retailtower is worth the $30 a month!
I Got SUSPENDED because of this app 4 months ago by
Avoid at all costs, I'm new to google shopping, I just started to use this 2 days ago and Today I'm suspended because the info on it does not match the ads, AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Does NOT work!!! 6 months ago by
you get what you pay for? well this app has huge potential of course being able to integrate with Google Shopping for free, but it looks like the ball was dropped here. If you can get this to work seamlessly with BigCommerce many people would pay for this services. I'm quite disappointed as none of the products get imported properly and makes this tool useless because of it - good luck trying to get support because they must have thousands of emails on the same problem.
Issues on 3 sites with new Google Shopping App 6 months ago by
Big Commerce Google Shopping integration DOES NOT WORK for us. The products sync fine into Google Merchant centre, but then Google rejects most of the products, something about images cannot be crawled (not all of them for some reason). I don't know the answers, neither does Google or Big Commerce support. Not only that, the previous working API integration has stopped working as well. This has impacted 3 websites for our business. Support has advised they have not heard of any issues - there are!
Critical Bug Unresolved 6 months ago by
There is a mapping error behind the scene for "ID" and "Item Group ID." BigCommerce Google Shopping App is passing product id as Item Group Id and passing what should be the Item group id as ID in the feed. So frustrated with BigCommerce support as nobody is doing anything about this issue with Google Shopping App. They are doing a GREAT job of marketing even with a VERY obvious bug. I opened a support ticket and still nothing yet. Case Number: 02650157 10/28/2016 - Finally got an update that explains the issue I am having. Although, the logic makes sense, there's a major flaw in NOT thinking through the implication of how the change will affect people who already have existing AdWords data. Also, the support I received on this issue was way TOO SLOW. Revised the rating to a 3 because the last person (Anthony) I talked to from BigCommerce did a great job.