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Build your email list - Increase daily email subscribers by up to 1000%

Drive sales conversions - Boost conversion rates by 100%

Increase social follows and shares - Grow social fanbases by up to 600%

Recover abandoned shopping carts - Reduce cart abandonment by 30%

What is Justuno?

Justuno is a suite of website conversion tools designed to maximize return from your traffic sources and drive conversions that grow your ecommerce business. The Justuno suite comes with:

Ecommerce Promotions

Justuno provides a complete framework for creating effective pop up promotions that will drive email signups, social growth, and most importantly, sales conversions! Attach coupons, discounts, free shipping, messaging, and navigation elements that will drive shoppers to take meaningful actions on your website.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

On average, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned. Justuno's cart abandonment recovery tool allows you to present timely offers that drive shoppers to checkout in the same visit. More sales, less abandoned carts. It's a win, win!

Email Pop Ups

Justuno's email pop ups effectively drive visitors to take the actions you want them to take. Rapidly build your email list with enticing pop ups. Boost growth with incentives like gated content, contests, and coupons to provide value to your website experience. Automatically sync new contacts with your email marketing or CRM platform.


Use an UnoBar and enable your site to constantly be open to conversion opportunities. This tool enables you to present your messaging and sign up form at the top or bottom of the browser window.

Exit Offers

Interact with website visitors at critical moments with exit offers. When a visitor is about to leave your website, Justuno selects the precise moment to present an offer that will stop them in their tracks! This gives you one last opportunity to convert a visitor.

Client Reviews (33)

JustAwesome about 1 month ago by admin http://www.nowebsitegiven.com
Absolutely top notch service and a great product. Lots of options out there but this one works and works well
Waste of money about 1 month ago by ker...com
Horrible customer service and rules / settings don't work.
Problem fixed! 3 months ago by ste....uk https://spicesontheweb.co.uk
Changed themes on bigcommerce, could not understand where to put the new code, advised in 5 mins and working 30 secs later! Nice!
Effective marketing and professional display 3 months ago by ste...com https://rullocustomcycles.com
We have had a great experience with Justuno so far. This is a professional tool that we recommend.
Easy and Great 4 months ago by bra...com http://www.giftberry.com
Honeslty, i've seen many products like this that cost hundreds of dollars a month. This product work just as well and is easy to use. Thank you Justuno :)
AWESOME! 5 months ago by Samantha Behrman https://www.kitsel.com/
i tried this app 2 years ago and found it impossible to figure out. fast forward two years and i am in LOVE! this app is awesome! it is very intuitive, creative and professional. not only is it easy to use i think they have the best customer support (second to apple). i was having issues installing and getting started and the tech support was on chat with me all the way, sending me videos and going into my account to show me where the issue i was having was. i definitely recommend this app!
Grate App 6 months ago by rei...com http://reidsboutique.com
Love this app everything is working fine
Only good is you are a one person business 7 months ago by Laura Bellows
The interface looks great and like it could be useful, but I am not the only one working at my shop. It would be great if admins, not just the owner could access this info. Very disappointing.
If you get just one app, make sure it is JustUno 8 months ago by joh...com https://www.pedors.com
I have been a Justuno user for a few years. You install it and it closes sales for you while you sleep. Conversion rates go up. It has generated a ton of money for our site. If I was building a new site, this would be the first app installed and I have used a bunch of apps. If you have to pick just one, pick JustUno.
Great app for pop-ups 9 months ago by gre...com http://www.surf-store.com/
We have use it for the past year or so.. Great app! Maybe they should only work more on those delay settings on some of BC templates.
Amazing Support 11 months ago by mit...com http://www.marenagroup.com
I asked a thousand questions and they patiently helped me along the way! Very, very helpful!
Very VERY useful if you don't have a solid developer for your ads! about 1 year ago by con...com
Great app! Can help with sales! about 1 year ago by ham...com https://www.bazaarsrus.com

It's so easy to create a good campaign.  This app really puts a squeeze on the purchase funnel, allowing you to add obvious and effective call-to-actions.  A must have for start-ups or small business websites, and it's starting price of FREE makes it a great no-brainer to help you get your feet wetter. 

Lonnie ~ www.bazaarsrus.com

Horrible Support about 1 year ago by AKM...com

Unfortunately we paid for a quarter year plan, and it was a total waste of money.  Telephone support is virtually nil, and we asked to terminate and get a pro-rated refund.  We can't even get a response to our request - multiple phone calls and e-mails.  We have received no benefits from the product (unlike other products which have been great).  Save your money and go elsewhere, like Yotpo

The bomb & a must about 1 year ago by nic...com http://www.darngoodyarn.com

Just Uno is the #1 app you need if you want to convert your visitors. And a super amazing bonus is that their customer support is fabulous. I try to DIY as much as I can but sometimes I just need to have someone hold my hand or even do the work straight up for me with the best practices installed and ready to use. Jenna, my account manager, is AMAZING! You'd be crazy not to have this installed on your store.

Easy to use and great customer service. about 1 year ago by Michael Roberts http://www.obol.co

I have used Justuno for several years and found it to be easy to use with great targeting rules. The few times I had questions, or a minor issue they were answered extremely fast.  Installation is simple with no coding necessary.

Poor Quality over 2 years ago by adm...com

Ok folks, I installed this app on 4-17-15 and it was pretty straight forward and simple. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work at all, there is no real tracking, only an algorithm to charge you money.Just Uno states "USES" which means every customer who clicks on your ad is supposed to click on Like Us on Facebook, Tweet about us on Twitter, or so on, when the customer does this and completes task it's called a "Use".Depending on the plan you select depends on how many uses you get.The system is broken, when a customer clicks on the ad it triggers a pop up window taking you to your destination.Like, Facebook well you can just click on the X in the pop up without following through and Just Uno gives the customer the coupon code and counts that as a "Use"You see, the software would be great if it worked, but unfortunately somebody designed this to take your money.Don't bother trying to contact them as they have no phone number and my "Support Ticket" and email have not been answered after 4 Days(Now 4-21-15)

Great App! over 2 years ago by van...com http://www.alexandreanissa.com

I've used it for a couple months & it's totally worth the monthly fee. You make x10 - x30 more than what you spend on the app. It's clean, simple & easy to use. The customer service is awesome too!!

I do although wish you could customize it a bit more without having to hire someone to do the CSS work for you. Overall I love it. 

Fantastic! over 2 years ago by jen...com http://greatarrivals.com

Easy to use!  Exceptional customer service!  Great tech support!  I'm a very happy customer.  Worth every penny.

Did not work at all over 2 years ago by rob...com http://asource1.com

Total waste of time did not work...causes many sales to go bad.

Great app over 2 years ago by Dilono Fitwear

I have re-added it with better pricing. Hoping it will work as it did before the increase!

ROBUST APP WITH EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE over 2 years ago by ale...com http://www.astrologicanswers.com

We are in the first month of using this app, and still learning how to use it. We decided to upgrade from the free version to paid version, mainly because the customer service has been superb with JustUno. We had an invitation to have a phone consult to discuss the full features of the app, and how it might work to it's full potential for our business. Mat B was really great on the conference call explaining the features, answering our questions, and providing follow-up support. 

As we got more in to using the app, of course some questions came up, and we have dealt with Lauren P several times through the chat feature. She has been absolutely dynamite. Helpful, polite, and responsive to our needs and questions. While we were very interested in the app before, the outstanding experiences with the staff have been the thing that have really helped them stand out from the crowd. 

We could not be more pleased so far, and have seen great results with our first couple campaigns at this point. Why every business would not use this app is beyond me. Highly recommend trying this app. If you are on the fence, make the leap; you won't be sorry once you begin interacting with their service team. 

created an error at checkout page over 2 years ago by sal...com

Followed the instructions and got the app to work. However, on checkout page the app created an error which meant users could not complete the purchase. Probably the worst thing that can happen. Upon removal of the app, the error message at checkout went away. Resulted in loss of sales over 3 hour duration. Be vary careful when installing this app.

JustUno Awesome Thanks To Jenna over 2 years ago by Vinny N http://www.qualityliquorstore.com

This app is amazing. It does so much more than I first thought it could. With the help of Jenna, I have a tab on the side of my site, that appears and is visible when I want it to be visible. I also can create a Pop Up Window that allows me to target customers based on the amount of time they have been on the site. Jenna took the time to help me set everything up, and has been a pleasure to work with. Thanks Jenna.


Increased Newsletter Signups, with a serious flaw over 2 years ago by Kasey Gilder http://brace-mart.com

I started using JustUno and it worked out fantastically. We've had a rise in our e-mail Newsletter and it's bee great. There is one HUGE issue though. Every time I open up the app I have to uninstall and re-insall the app. It's becoming a big pain when I try to work on my campaigns at various time through the day. Evey time I have to do this "workaround". Once I do, it works flawlessly. This issue will keep it at 3 stars for inconvenience.

Well put together app over 3 years ago by Jim...com

I am impressed with the functionality of this application.  Its integration into BigCommerce is smooth and so far flawless.  I like the functionality and capabilities that are presented in an easy to manipulate and decipherable manner.  I am considering the annual rate at this time.  I will test and pilot the application over a 3 month period on my store and see if I can notice marked improvement and conversions.  Thanks Justuno team!  Currently be used as a social link and discount tool.  I will delve into the mail integration later.

A great app that installs easily. over 3 years ago by jjd...com http://www.jjdrhouseofbijoux.com

There are some log in errors which need to be addressed, the app itself still functions without any issues and I would highly recommend installing this app. Customization was quick & easy too, at least trial this app as you can't go wrong.

Update (5 days later):

Here are some changes to get around login issues, if the app doesn't allow you to login or display your latest ads in the dashboard, log in to justuno.com (off site) and you can make/see changes there which will be updated on your installation at Bigcommerce.

Works fine, but have to reinstall it nearly every time over 3 years ago by inf....uk

The app itself works fine, but I have to reinstall nearly every time I open it.

great app over 3 years ago by Akc...com

Very easy to use and customizable to match your own theme. Highly recommended.

Increased my Sales & Newsletter Signups over 3 years ago by tra...com http://www.socialskateboarding.com

I gotta say, Justuno should be in every single site owners toolbox.  After installing Justuno, I saw pretty much an instant increase in Sales and I've been gaining Facebook fans and newsletter signups 20 times faster then ever before.  I turned off Justuno for a day to see if the sales increase was just a coincidense, but my sales immediately fell back to before.  So I flipped the Justuno switch to on again and in came the sales.  Truly an amazing app they have written.

Amazing app over 3 years ago by Dodô Audrin

This is an amazing app, you'll get exactly what it promise

over 3 years ago by her...com
over 3 years ago by Bilal Ahmed