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You sell a great product and you provide awesome customer service. Shouldn't it be easy to show off the great things your customers are saying about you?

Kudobuzz makes it easy to collect reviews from your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+) and show them on your store via clean, customizable widgets.

You can easily import existing reviews from other apps into Kudobuzz

Why use Kudobuzz?

  • Automatically send emails to request for reviews with our After Purchase Mail feature. You will never miss out on collecting new reviews.
  • With Google Rich Snippet enabled, your reviews are optimized for search engines to improve the rankings of your products in search results.
  • Use different widget types, change text and color in a way that suits your store.
  • Automatically share your 5-star reviews to social media to generate new leads.
  • Our Customer Success Team will make sure you're getting the most out of this app.

More features

  • Review commenting - Use the ability to comment on reviews to address negative reviews or respond to customer concerns.
  • Product upselling - When soliciting for new reviews, use the opportunity to sell other products.
  • Widget localization - Is your audience non-English speaking? Change Kudobuzz text into any language of your choice.

Different widget types

  • Review Tab Widget - a clean and simple way to show your customers all the social proof they need.
  • Single Page Slider Widget - ideal for showing testimonials at the exact moment when it is needed. e.g. You can show this on your checkout page, right before a customer clicks the buy button.
  • Testimonial page - for creating a dedicated page of positive store testimonials.
  • Product Review Form - best for collecting and displaying reviews from customers on your product page.
Every day, over 25,000 online merchants increase sales with Kudobuzz Social Reviews app.


We have made improvements to the app. General app functionality is now even better.


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Client Reviews (24)

Still waiting for support 5 months ago by
None of these review apps seem to work right. I am a paid member of this app and if it isn't fixed by the end of the month 7 days then I will cancel and go back to using Bigcommerce built in review system. Couple things I am not thrilled with first that I had to code this into the site myself. Second that the stars don't show up on the category and home pages. I was told tech support would do this for me and I am still waiting. I have sent emails asking for an update with no answer so that shows you how the customer service is. Also I don't see a way for a customer to edit a review once posted? I’ve had two customers accidentally review the wrong item. I see I can hide the reviews, but no way for me to delete or edit them. Also I have a problem with the way the coupon system is. So first you are required to input an coupon expiration date which I honestly don’t like. Second you can only put in one coupon code so this code could potential be used by anyone. And the last thing I don’t like that it sends a coupon out for each review which technically would be such a bad thing if it was a different code each time, but some customers are getting 10 emails with the same code and it is becoming confusing for them. So if my star issue gets fixed here in 7 days then I will update my rating.
Buggy 9 months ago by
At first I liked this app. I had some problems at first, but it did its job with a Blueprint Theme at a much lower price than most review services. Their servers do seem to go down a lot, though. Since I switched to a Stencil Theme, there have been a lot more problems such as reviews not appearing on Facebook, after purchase emails not going out, and what seems like more down server time. I have decided not to renew for a 2nd year and am going to go with the Built In BigCommerce review system.
Killer App 9 months ago by
Love this app, and it does everything the $1000 app does for $40 a month
Top-notch More than 5 Stars 11 months ago by
THE BEST review app. We switched from Yotpo to Kudobuzz and what a difference! Way more features in Kudobuzz, control panel and interface are very friendly. The app is loaded with tons of nice features to promote your business. Customer support is excellent and friendly. They were prompt in solving the issue we had. They strive to make sure the whole process is running smoothly. Totally recommend it. Avoid Yotpo, go with Kudobuzz instead you won't be disappointed​.
Awesome Review App 11 months ago by
This is an awesome review app, it is easy to install, you can import your reviews from previous apps, customer support is excellent. Reviews are posted on your social media. All the features are amazing.
Love the customer service about 1 year ago by
We've been having a pretty good experience with kudobuzz. We've been busy launching our site and in it we were looking for a easy to install and get going reviews app. Although we have had a small number of hiccups - the customer service has been prompt and always on point. We were able to get going and moving in no time. We are still learning how to use the great features the app offers at an amazing price! We'd recommend.
Thank goddess for Kudobuzz and Cheryl about 1 year ago by
Running from yotpo, I was thrilled when bigcommerce recommended an alternative: Kudobuzz. Where I had been waiting over two weeks for help from yotpo getting my reviews up after switching from another web host, Cheryl wrote me back *within hours* and had my reviews up just as quick. It's like a new lease on life! The reviews look great, and her app offers far more than yotpo. Thank you Kudobuzz!
Best Review App about 1 year ago by
I was frustrated with our Yotpo Review app, and a colleague who has a Shopify store recommended KudoBuzz. Thankfully the app is available on BigCommerce too, and I'm so glad we switched. The interface and price are way better, the options are much more, and above all their customer support is top-notch. Whenever we have a question, Cheryl from tech support is always quick to solve any issue. Try it for yourself, you can easily import your current reviews into Kudobuzz too. It's the best review app, you won't be disappointed.
Grate App about 1 year ago by
To me this is one of the best app so far. Thank god i found Kudobuzz everything i was looking for is in this app . For a small business like my self the price is not bad and customers services is wonderful thank you Kudobuzz i love everything about this app.
Love the App, Love the Service about 1 year ago by
I migrated across from Yotpo to Kudobuzz about a month ago. In short it was the best decision I made. For a small business starting out whilst Yotpo may have a few more features it is as dear as poison. I could not believe how much they were asking just so my reviews could be visible to Google. It was for this reason I decided to look elsewhere and discovered Kudobuzz. Upon first contact Lovell quickly advised me to wait until they resolved an ongoing issue with with Bigcommerce and their stencil theme, no big surprise there. I was glad they were open and honest and didn't just try a reel me in. Once the issue was resolved the team at Kudobuzz were quick to help me migrate my existing reviews and also performed a quick health check. Their documentation overall is quite good which helped me to explore their functionality even further. As for pricing I chose their top level plan which is a fraction of the cost that Yotpo was asking for. Whilst it has only been a short while I have already received quite a few customer reviews. I also like just how easy it easy to put on show your reviews. I recently setup the mini SEO site which is crucial to ensuring Google recognizes these reviews, this was a little tricky but the team at Kudobuzz were always on hand to help. Overall I am extremely happy with app, the functionality it provides, their pricing plans and above all what has been a very positive customer experience I have no hesitation in recommending Kudobuzz for anyone serious about strengthening the integrity of their online store and putting on display verifiable reviews that can also be channeled out your social media channels at a push of a button. Keep up the great work!
This one works! over 2 years ago by

Great product – even greater price. As with all Apps there is a bit of a learning curve and hiccups in the initial set up and this was no different. However, their follow up was first rate! Any issues we encountered were immediately attended to – no long delays as I’ve experienced elsewhere. As for the product and features we have been totally satisfied – a 10 - and it has all the features of the more expensive programs. Choosing the Premium program is a no brainer at $29 bucks. They have an option for a testimonial page which lists all of your reviews. You can also opt for “ask a question” at the item level, a nice feature, and hook into to social media – it’s all there. We are currently using their coupon rewards program which includes an auto email response. If you’d like to see a working version go to If you want to perk up your reviews at a fair price give Kudobuzz a try first.

Good when it works... over 2 years ago by Laurence Lok

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Kudobuzz. We've run into the same issues others have reported. BigCommerce implementation is buggy: Reviews do not get emailed consistently; Review Forms in Emails do not work in Gmail; Gmail reports "View in Browser" link as Suspicious when you try to click on it from a review email. These are big issues Kudobuzz needs to address. We love Kudobuzz when it works so I sincerely hope the developers iron out the kinks.

BigCommerce leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to product reviews (for starter's there is no easy way to manage and export reviews). Then there is Yotpo: Yotpo was recommended to us by our website developers and while it does tout some nice features it is in no way small/medium business friendly; even basic features in Yotpo, like sending review requests after order fulfillment instead of order placement, are locked behind a $400 per month paywall. Ouch! Want to customize your review request emails? $700 paywall. On top of it all, they're sales people are pushy. We've also used PowerReviews/Bazaarvoice which is fairly decent platform in its own right, but for the price, the lack of integration with BigCommerce makes it a deal breaker if you're looking for a solution that will work out of the box.

This is where Kudobuzz comes in; to fill in that ugly void between BigCommerce's bland default offering and over-priced, over-entitled review platforms that don't seem to understand their customer base. Right off the bat, Kudobuzz speaks the language of small business owners and individual proprietors: What plan would you like? There's a free plan (which has more basic features than Yotpo's starter plan fyi), there's the aptly named "Lunch" plan at $14.99/month and the all-inclusive "Dinner" plan which is a right $29.99/month. What do you get on all tiers is a very competent, stylish, and customizable review platform right out the gate. The Lunch plan allows for more advance customization options, the ability to respond to reviews (think Yelp), and the ability to collect reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.. The Dinner plan, which we opted for, has all that plus the ability for users to ask and answer product questions (similar to Amazon), coupon incentives for reviews, removal of Kudobuzz branding, and some other nice features which we haven't had tried yet.

The reasons we chose Kudobuzz over the competition is its 1) easy integration with BigCommerce, like allowing you to send reviews X number of days after an order is fulfilled rather than placed, 2) its customizability that allows us to make Kudobuzz look like a natural part of our website and 3) The option to customize review request emails with built-in forms for higher conversion rates (one of Yotpo's top selling points). There are some minor flaws with Kudobuzz: For example you will have to contact support if you want to import existing reviews and we haven't gotten Google Rich Snippets to work properly yet, but Kudobuzz's support team is friendly, responsive, and treats their customers right. Overall, there isn't a better review platform on the market right now for BigCommerce.

Awesome app and company that you rely on over 2 years ago by

I know your concerns, as i was in the same state first, but guess what i was wrong!

They're professional, reliable, fast-growing, company with lovely teams that won't leave you until you're satisfied

And for the price, you can't beat it!

Btw this is an honest review, and i have paid for the subscription as any other member

Buggy constantly down over 2 years ago by

New version has actually made much more limited, especially if you are trying to migrate your old reviews. The biggest issue is how buggy it is. Its constantly down, randomly it will stop displaying the reviews and make pages load forever. Wasted a week setting up reviews, I'm done with them. 

Good support, buggy product over 2 years ago by

As per other reviews below, things on Kudobuzz seem to just 'stop'

I'm finding myself having to keep on checking the After Purchase Mail analytics, to ensure new orders are appearing. 

Support are very responsive, and seem to kick things back in to life again, but it would be nice if they fix the product so we don't have to keep bothering them!!!

It does seem to be very tailored for Shopify, so I wonder if BigCommerce is less of a priority for them?

Great support! over 2 years ago by

Customer reviews are critical in the buying process so I really wanted to have reviews on my website. Kudobuzz looked like what I needed, but I had problems - first it didn't install completely and I had to contact their support team. They solved my problem quickly. Next, once the plugin was working, it had compatibility issues with the theme and wasn't showing the drop-down menus. Again their support team fixed this almost immediately. Kudobuzz is now up and running on my site and does exactly what I need it to do. Awesome support and a product that every BigCommerce site should have.

compatibilty issues over 2 years ago by

bigcommerce compatibilty issues. after purchase mails stop suddenly.

have had support in the past but now gave up. kudobuzz acknowledges it has limitations on bigcommerce and their seo snippet feature does not work. No stars in thumbnail images

I really like this app over 3 years ago by Timothy Benman

I had a few issues with the install because I have so many scripts on my site. Tech support guy named Selom helped with the right code placement. Also tried to help with other code issues as well. I really like this app for the prices and for all the options you get. Thanks guys!

Installation over 3 years ago by

I have had a fantastic experience with this company.

I had a few issues with installation (my fault) and they solved it quickly and efficiently.

Sélom is a very good support person.

John Carroll

Carrolls Wholesale Timber

TOTAL CRAP! over 3 years ago by

Below is the first review and then they did some updates and not worked since! Unstable load of crap! Do not install and waste your time!


Looking to automate and have control, looking for wonderful service and attention to detail, looking to install in minutes and spend your time smiling at results then download and insteall Kudobuzz! 

Awesome App Awesome Company = Very Happy Customer!

Exactly what I was looking for over 3 years ago by

Just a nice small tab on the edge of my page, just what I wanted for testimonials.  Selom went above and beyond on a national holiday to answer all of my emailed questions and I asked a lot of them!  Great customer service.

A must have for reviews over 3 years ago by Admin Admin

When I tried Kudobuzz I did not expect the application to over deliver as it has! The app is easy to use and has many customization options as well. I even ran into some trouble installing the review page on the website and the customer service was immediate and extremely helpful. I recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and reliable solution for on-site reviews.

Glad I tried both Apps first! over 3 years ago by Terry Myers

Tried the "other guys" first and not going to lie, super friendly guy that quickly had it working for me after I goofed something up. Love what it could do, and not knowing the going rate for such service I didn't their price was too bad for the services. I then came here and received the idential customer service, I feel the features are a lot smoother and easy to use... plus a couple other widgets that I love!!! Oh yeah... way cheaper!

Great App over 3 years ago by

Quick solution for customer testimonials!  It integrates with social media so it was easy to bring those testimonials into my website.

- Crystal