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About the app

Give your customers something they want - a flexible and easy to use scheduling app to provide seamless appointment booking through your BigCommerce store. This top rated booking app is trusted by thousands of leading brands both big and small to help grow their service business.


We proudly serve up friendly support, including by phone, right here at home in the USA for anyone who needs help getting setup. Our top priority is to help you book more appointments and fill your calendar.

Highlighted features:

* Text messaging

* Only allow customers to schedule one appointment until checkout is completed

* Use separate calendars if you want to setup availability for more than one person, place, or thing

* Create appointment types from your store products or services and assign to one or more calendars

* Calendar integration lets you view the details of your scheduled appointments on the go

* Setup a dedicated appointment scheduling page

* Support for internationalization, translations for over 40 languages

* Embed the appointment scheduling form or use a popup

* Ask customer to schedule appointment based on the shipping method selected (pickup) on checkout page

* Post checkout scheduling appointment option

* Curbside pickup option for retail business types

* Set appointment booking time intervals

* Limit your availability to a set number of appointments per time slot or day - great for group events or classes

* Set leeway to accommodate prep time - great for foodie businesses

* Disallow appointment double booking

* Block out dates/times for out of office, travel, and holidays

* Customizable scheduling button colors

* Customizable call to action

* Customizable appointment confirmation and reminder messages

* Advanced CSS controls for fine tuning the layout and look on your store

* Dashboard to view all upcoming appointments

Our scheduling service is perfect for BigCommerce merchants just like you looking to schedule appointments for services, consultations, classes, dining, shopping experiences, meetings, order pickups, and so much more. Why wait. Install the app today, we think your customers will love it.

The entire team here in California (USA) looks forward to welcoming you onboard and ensuring your success with the app!

App Features

Pass on savings

Optional buy online store curbside pickup scheduling to give customers a simple way to save money by not incurring shipping costs.

Control availability

Use multiple calendars if you offer more than one way to schedule appointments - for type, service, or have more than one location.

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 3 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $25.00/mo.


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