Mobile Store Manager by AquaAPI

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.99/mo.

About the app

Run your BigCommerce Storefront from your mobile. This mobile app connects to your storefront and pulls real-time data in your app and capture updates back to your storefront from your fingertips.

View, edit & process orders, scan or enter shipment tracking info, add or view staff and customer notes. Search/View/Edit product and product details including price, sku & description. Upload product images from device camera or library. Search/View/Edit coupons, banners & gift cards.

Get a wholesome picture with related in-context picture of orders, customers and products. Switch between a order centric and customer centric view anytime.

The app is supported on iOS and Android phones and tablets and has been in use by thousands of BigCommerce store owners.

App Features

View & Process Orders

View list of orders (latest first) or drill down into specific order to view value, items ordered, billing & shipping address, staff notes, customer comments and full details of the customer. You can filter orders by status, search any order by ID, change status of any particular order or add staff notes. Additionally, you can view/add shipment & tracking info for any order. Abandoned carts are also available as 'Incomplete Orders'. Staff notes can be added through the app.

Mobile Notifications

Add real-time mobile notifications for any new order placed, new customer added, new abandoned cart or cancelled order.

View & Edit Products & Customers

View list of products or search any product using SKU or name. View/Edit any product detail including product images, inventory level, price, SKU or description. Images can be uploaded right from your mobile picture gallery or camera. You can also create and add new products through the app.

View list of customers (latest first) or drill down into specific customer to look at contact details, past orders. You can search for specific customer by name or email ID. Additionally, you can email customers right through the app.

View & Edit Coupons, Gift Cards and Website Banners

Coupons: View/Edit all active/inactive coupons at your storefront. Coupon details include coupon type, value, description and validity dates. New coupons can also be created on the fly.

Gift Cards: View/Edit all active/exhausted gift cards. Details include code, original value, value used, purchaser and recipient. You can also search for specific gift card issued.

Website Banners: View/Edit all banners created for your website. Modify them as desired using our editor and reload them to your storefront. Change campaign dates, location of banner, category or the tag-lines often right through the app. You can also add all new banners.

View real-time Sales & Revenue Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard of Revenue, Orders (with status split) for Last 24 hours, 7 days & 30 days. Details include revenue booked, number of orders, order fulfilled, orders incomplete (abandoned carts), orders shipped, orders cancelled and orders disputed. Last one week sales trends are also presented.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.99/mo.


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