• Custom Price:
    £6 per parcel, and £4 per additional parcel

About the app

Packfleet connects directly to your BigCommerce store so you can easily import orders, no need to type addresses or deal with CSV files.
  • View all eligible orders for Packfleet delivery in one place
  • Add delivery time windows and delivery notes for each package
  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled

App Features

Packfleet Next Day Delivery
  • We charge £6 per parcel, and £4 per additional parcel in your shipment. Whether you're shipping 50 or 50,000 packages, we scale with you. No congestion or fuel charges.
  • Our failure rate (broken or damaged) in January 2023 was 0.07%, 10x less than the leading traditional courier. With full compensation for all issues, you're guaranteed to save money.
  • We deliver to all London postcodes. We can also collect from outside this area, so contact us wherever you're based.
  • Live tracking, instant access to live chat, and reliable deliveries cuts your inbound instantly.

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  • Custom Price:
    £6 per parcel, and £4 per additional parcel


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